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Cambiatus | Version v1.11

Release em Português | Release en Español

The news didn’t stop with Version v1.10 Release! You blinked, and we’re back with more news on the webapp, aiming to improve the use of this tool more and more by the administrators and users of the communities.

News that will benefit everyone

Transfer emails

Now, every time you receive a transfer from someone else, you will receive an email notification. We will have more email notifications coming soon, so please wait! 😉👍

New welcome page redirection

If a guest tries to access a community that does not exist, sometimes due to a typo, the person will be redirected to the welcome page ( or https://www.cambiatus. com/welcome-demo ). That way the guest will be able to find the community the person wants to access.

An improvement was also made to the communities selector: Now, the user will be able to switch communities, remaining in the same section he/she was in but in another community.

Ex: The user is in the Shop section of the Nomad community and would like to access the Cambiatus community shop. He/she just needs to use the community selector, selects the Cambiatus community, and will be redirected to the shop section of this community.

New community statistics

1 — Home screen | 2 — Screen about the community

We’ve included the data for the Total Currency in Circulation within the community, and the Minimum Allowed Balance per User, which tells you how much a user can have a negative balance. To view this and other data, you need to:

1. Join the community

2. On the home screen, click on “How to Earn Coin”. A page will open containing information about the community, goals, and actions, and below, the community data.

Allow PDF files to be uploaded as claim evidence

The community member now can add a PDF as evidence of the action they are claiming.

This new functionality also allows validators to view a PDF thumbnail on both the home screen and the details screen for each action. You can also download this PDF. See how:

1 -Home screen with stock thumbnails for analysis | 2 — Details mode | 3 — Modal with file download option

1 . On the app’s home screen, in the actions section for analysis, the validator can see the PDF thumbnail of each action. The validator can select the action to get more details about that action.

2. Modal with more details about the action. In this mode, the validator can see the PDF a little bigger.

3. The validator can also click on the PDF, both from the initial screen and from the details modal, to download the file. When clicking on the PDF, a modal will open, and you should click on “see full proof” located right below the PDF. The download will be done on the device you are using (mobile, desktop, etc.), and you will be able to view it in its entirety.

Improvements in the validation process

Modal claim details:

You no longer need to go to another page to view the claim details. Now you can just click on the action card and a modal will open with all the details about it. Regardless of whether the action is pending for review or has already been reviewed, you can see the details in the modal.

New Analysis Pages.

We simplified and improved the claims flow for validators and users. It is now easier to know the status of all our claims.

Alert on “My Claims” page

We’ve added an alert on the “My Claims” page talking about best practices in claims.

Tela das ações para análises
  1. We’ve added “Waiting for Vote” and “Analyzed” tabs to the “My Claims” page. Now it is also possible to filter and sort the results!

The waiting for vote tab shows the actions in which the validator who is logged in has not voted and can still vote; that is, they were neither approved nor disapproved. On the analyzed tab are the actions that have already received the validator’s vote that is logged in, which can be approved or disapproved. Below is the sorting option, which can be the most recent or oldest actions, and the option to filter.

  1. If the filter is selected in the tab “Waiting for vote” it will open a modal to filter by user.
  2. If the filter is selected in the “Analyzed” tab, it will open a modal; in addition to the option of filtering by user, you will also have the opportunity to choose between the action status, which can be: “all”, “approved”, and “disapproved”.

That way, it’s easier to find the actions according to their status or according to the user.

Update on 08.10.2021

More news in the validation process

We improved the display of votes on claim cards.

We’ve included a progress bar that shows you how the vote is going. In this way, the person responsible for analyzing the actions will have a clearer and more detailed view of the status of the actions.

1 — Initial screen with actions for analysis. Actions that have not yet been voted on

By clicking on the option “all” on the initial screen, the validator will have a view of image 2 and 3. Being able to see all actions, those that have already been voted and those that still need votes.

2 — Actions for analysis, which have already been voted on by other validators and which still need the validator who is logged in to vote.

3 — Shares analyzed, which have already received all the necessary votes.

4 — Action details modal. By clicking on “more details” on the action card, this modal will open with more information about the action and the votes it received.



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