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Brian Aubrey Smith
Feb 10 · 6 min read

All of the most common questions answered right here!

What is Campuswire?

Campuswire is the consolidated and fully customizable home base for your course communication.

Featuring a familiar Q&A forum (with an intuitive UI and increased functionality like duplicate question prevention), Slack-style chat rooms, duplicate question prevention, one-on-one messaging, document sharing, live polling, and participation tracking, Campuswire is built to increase student engagement and to consolidate all of the communication in your course on a single platform.

We’re a team of recent students who experienced numerous frustrations with the communication tools available to us in our courses. We knew that students and professors deserved a better, more customizable tool, so we designed Campuswire with the specific needs of college classes in mind and to be the the most flexible, intuitive, and adaptable course communication tool ever built.

What makes Campuswire different from other communication tools?

(For a direct comparison of Campuswire and Piazza, look here.)

(For a direct comparison of Campuswire and Slack, look here.)

Campuswire is not just a messaging app, a Q&A platform, or an LMS — we’ve incorporated our favorite features from Q&A forums and messaging tools to provide a powerful and consolidated home base for your course communication.

Campuswire is designed specifically with college classes in mind. From an AI to prevent duplicate questions to a clean and intuitive UI to direct messaging that eliminates email inbox clutter to reputation tracking that identifies credible answers to discussion spaces that promotes continued dialogue to Slack-style Rooms that host group chats for any purpose, Campuswire offers features that other class communication tools don’t.

Campuswire also feels more welcoming to today’s students. The familiar, user-friendly interface is inspired by the communication apps they use every day. We’ve found that students use Campuswire three times more than similar tools, which means that instructors have to spend less time managing communication and that students are spending more time collaborating and helping each other out.

Ultimately, our approach is fundamentally different than other companies. Whereas many of the course communication tools used today are the
same as they were five years ago, Campuswire improves every week — we’re constantly incorporating feedback from professors and students to build new features.

What makes Campuswire different from the LMS?

Campuswire is designed specifically to improve class communication, not to replace all of the functionality of the LMS (gradebooks, rosters/registration, etc.)

Campuswire works best when professors use it to completely replace LMS discussion forums — you’ll save more time, have far more options for customizing and streamlining communication, and your students will spend more time collaborating and engaging with class discussions and content.

Why Do Students Prefer Campuswire to other apps like Messenger, iMessage, GroupMe, etc.?

Campuswire give students a single home base for course communication rather than leaving them to handle a jumble of messaging apps. Rather than having three Facebook Messenger chats and four text groups for a single class, they can do all of that communication on a single platform with Campuswire.

Being a part of a Campuswire class also means that students and they know that they can access their classmates, TAs, and professors in one place — every time they ask a question, they’re getting help from every student and instructor in the course rather than just a small number of classmates. Professors can post answers and endorse other answers, so students can be 100% sure that they’re getting the best help. Questions only need to be asked and answered one time, saving students and professors lots of time!

Does Campuswire have mobile apps?

Yes, Campuswire already has an iOS app, and our Android app is on the way! Also, anything that you can do on our full web platform works nicely on mobile web (even without one of our apps).

Does Campuswire integrate with my LMS?

Campuswire will integrate with every major LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai, Moodle, etc.) beginning in April! (Right now, professors use Campuswire smoothly alongside their LMS, but we’re hustling to finish those integrations!)

Does Campuswire support anonymous posting?

Yes, Campuswire offers three different levels of anonymity posting and messaging. (Check out the details here)

How much does Campuswire cost?

Campuswire is completely free! Everything we’ve built so far is part of Campuswire Core, which is 100% free and will remain 100% forever.

So how does Campuswire make money?

We’re backed by several great investors (BloombergBeta and Beta works being our two largest) who believe strongly in our mission. We don’t sell student data or advertise to our professors or students in any way.

In Spring 2019, we’ll release the Pro version of Campuswire — that will include new features like video office hours (and some other awesome tools that will make Campuswire even more valuable to students and professors!).

This Pro version will be a paid platform that will allow us to make money. But, the entire Core platform will always be 100% free, and our Freemium model means that we’ll never sell student data!

Is Campuswire FERPA-compliant?

Yes, Campuswire is 100% FERPA-compliant. We take student data privacy extremely seriously — one of the reasons we built Campuswire in the first place is that we were tired of being forced to use communication tools that sold or failed to protect our data and class content.

We don’t sell student data, expose it to third parties, or advertise. All we do with student data is protect it!

Why should I try Campuswire in my class?

If you’re a professor who wants to save time, help your students get more engaged in your class, send fewer one-off emails, and give your students a better way to collaborate and get help, Campuswire is for you.

If you’re tired of relying on several different modes of communication (email, GroupMe, Slack, text, Piazza, etc.), Campuswire is for you.

If you’re unsatisfied with similar tools (Piazza, Slack, Blackboard Forums. etc.), interested in improving your class communication, or aiming to increase student engagement, Campuswire can help!

What can I do with the Class Feed?

The Campuswire Class Feed can be used to host Q&A (for assignments, readings, problem sets, lectures, projects, etc.), to share important documents and announcements, and as a tool for boosting engagement through discussion posts and real-time discussion.

Most professors use Campuswire because our Q&A platform is cleaner and more intuitive than other tools, because we offer more functionality within the Feed (duplicate question prevention, real-time discussions, live polling), and because Campuswire produces higher levels of student engagement.

What can I do with Campuswire Rooms?

Campuswire Rooms are chat spaces (think Slack or GroupMe) that allow class communication to be more customizable and organized. Any conversations that don’t fit nicely into the traditional Q&A format can take place in a Room, which professors can create for any purpose (discussion sections, virtual office hours, project groups, late night help, interesting readings from outside of class, TA conversations, or even individual assignments or lectures.)

What do professors and students think about Campuswire?

The feedback we’ve collected from professors and students has been virtually unanimous — students spend more time collaborating, asking questions, and helping each other out and professors love having one fully customizable home base for all of their communication.

We have the data to back this up as well. From usage patterns to professor retention rates to anecdotal feedback to class-wide polls, we’re happy to share any feedback with you — just ask!

Let us know if you have any other questions! You can reach via email at or via the chat window on our homepage:

-The Campuswire Team


We're on a mission to optimize the world’s teaching and learning.

Brian Aubrey Smith

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We're on a mission to optimize the world’s teaching and learning.

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