Cardstack’s Advantage: A Conversation with Chris Tse and Token Club

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Sep 6, 2018 · 14 min read

First of all, please introduce to us Cardstack.

Cardstack is making it easier for developers to build very powerful, mass market-ready decentralized apps, or dApps. The way we do this is that we understand (with my experience building blockchain-based businesses, like Monegraph and Dot Blockchain Music) that the blockchain is a small percentage of what is necessary for the full-stack application that people can use.

What are the uses of cards? What are the advantages of cards? Why were you inspired to create cards?

I think cards are basically smaller units of interaction than an app. We spent about 15 years working on apps: everything is fullscreen, you have an icon on your home screen or you have a tab on your browser or you have a desktop app that you launch. And I think WeChat was the first one to say, “What’s a mini-app look like?” Within the WeChat app, there are smaller apps. A card is even smaller than that.

Read more about cards in the White Paper.

Cardstack wants to provide a one-stop-shop for blockchain apps, implying cross-chain operations are required. How will you take on this challenge?

There are two parts to that. One part is that cross-chain operations are already done every day. When you go to any centralized exchange whether it’s Binance or Huobi, they have a software infrastructure where the same trading interface is connecting through wallets for obviously Bitcoin and Ether and ERC20, but also many, many different chains like Zilliqa or whatever they might have.

Learn about the Cardstack Hub.

What is Cardstack’s edge over other ecosystem projects?

We think that there is a utility model in blockchain that allows users to use the app they want and be able to have a true multi-chain experience where they don’t have to deal with any — not like 10 tokens to be dealing with 10 changes, but only one token. We’re the only ones using our token as a payment mechanism to simplify the use of token ecosystems for average users, which I believe is our main edge.

Read about Cardstack Token in the White Paper.

How will Cardstack take on Ethereum’s congestion issues?

It’s something we spent a lot of time thinking through even before we wrote the white paper. Because we understand the value of the Ethereum network, the liquidity of ETH and the ease of getting an application built on top of Solidity in all the different technology.

Read about Cardstack’s Tally Protocol.

It’s common for ecosystem-oriented blockchain projects to go through long development cycles. How does Cardstack plan to onboard dApp developers effectively?

Our team is very experienced at open source development. Our lead developer, Ed Faulkner from MIT, was actually lead developer for a major Javascript project that’s been in circulation since 2013, with thousands, if not tens of thousands developed around the world. So we certainly understand the value of documentation and getting the developer more involved.

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When will Cardstack launch the official product?

We had already shipped a minimum viable product, so that when we conducted our token generation event (TGE) we were using our own software, our own plugin to Ethereum, and our own plugin to a KYC system to verify passports and documentation. We also had our own hosting environment built on our own system.

Examine Cardstack’s roadmap and read about our MVP.

What do you have coming up in China?

I think it’s important for us to be a truly international project, and we formed the foundation in Switzerland. We like the structure of the compliance regime over there, because it allows projects to really tap into the international market because Switzerland’s well-trusted as a place of finance, and banking, and such like that. Cardstack is certainly achieving that type of anchor in Switzerland, but the users are all around the world.

Read more about Cardstack in Chinese here.

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