5 Content Writing Tools that will make you look like a Pro

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Tools are designed to make life easier.

Equipped with the right tools, you can improve the quality of your work, save time and enhance your content writing process.

Here are 5 tools you can start using to create effective content.

1. Grammarly

No one is perfect when it comes to misspellings and grammar errors. It may even be with the tenses or punctuations.

Grammarly ensures that your writing is effective by providing suggestions for changes.

It is a free online tool that can be used to scan hundreds of text. With an internet connection, you will get nudges for misspellings, punctuations and grammatical errors in your text.

Although Grammarly has a mobile app, I urge you to install its Chrome browser extension. This way, you will be able to use Grammarly for Gmail, Google docs and other supported sites online.

This tool has an amazing feature(Tone Detector) that integrates with Gmail. It detects the tone of your email message and tells you how it sounds. Ultimately, enhancing clarity in your message.

2. Thesaurus

Thesaurus is a personal favorite. Here’s why.

Sometimes, I get stuck with words. Either I find myself repeating a word often or the word that comes to mind doesn’t seem appropriate enough. I will start looking for similar and appropriate words.

Thesaurus helps me to solve this problem. It’s an online synonym dictionary that provides a variety of related words. As a writer, it helps to boost your vocabulary.

When you key in your search word, Thesaurus will return a number of similar and related words. You can click any of these words to find out the meaning and choose the most suitable to use.

Thesaurus has a number of other valuable features for writing. Checking similar or related words is my primary use of the tool. See a snapshot of Thesaurus below

I searched for the synonym of “comprehension”

You will need to key in a word in the search box above, then press “Enter” to see a variety of similar words according to their relevance.

3. Hemingway app

The goal of this tool is to enhance understanding for the average reader.

You may not know it, but your level of understanding is different from that of an average reader. To avoid losing a reader, this tool supports writing in the simplest way possible.

Hemingway does this by assessing passive language, long sentences, and hard words. Hard words are words with more than 3 syllabi.

Although Hemingway app has a paid download desktop version.

You can use the free web page version to check your writing for long sentences, hard words and passive language.

4. Medium

Medium is a platform that enables writers to reach readers. I say this because of the vast number of monthly readers on Medium.

Irrespective of your writing level, you can use Medium to hone your writing skills and share your knowledge on the web.

Medium allows writers to publish articles on the web for free. You can also earn as a writer.

If you do not want to incur the costs of running your own website, you can start publishing on the web with Medium.

You can create your Medium account here, read other people’s articles and start publishing your own articles. Learn more about Medium here.

5. Readable

Readable is a free web-based tool that enhances text quality. It rids your writing of clutters and provides tips to improve its readability.

This tool uses a number of metrics to evaluate your writing and assigns you a score. It uses the regular A, B, C grade system and also evaluates the audience “reach” of your writing. You can edit your writing to upgrade from a lower score using its suggestions as I did with the snapshots below.

My text before I used Readable

Although Readable is similar to the Hemmingway app above, their scoring patterns differ. I will leave you to choose your preferred option. You can use both Readable and Hemingway without signing up.

After I made adjustments.


One of your primary goals as a Content writer is to get readers for your article. This could be in the form of a blog post, social media post or general web content. You will gain readership with content that is easy to grasp.

Creating an easy to read and error-free article is an important step to connect with readers. Use the tools above to save time, eliminate errors and publish effective content.

What tools have do you use for creating content? Share in the comment for others.



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