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Adrian Krion
Aug 12, 2019 · 4 min read
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It’s time for a new edition of our Feature Spotlight. This time we want to talk about the core mechanics of Chain Clash: (guess, what?) Clashing!

Clashing is part of the name, so it’s gotta be important, right?! It definitely is. We want to shed some light on why you would want to clash in the game, how it works and what we have in the pipeline for the future.

What are clashes?

As we’ve been pointing out in various introductory and background story posts, Chain Clash is all about the battles between various cryptocurrencies and their communities. We wanted to create a space in which anybody rooting with one of the (thousands of) coins can express their support for their coin and fight for fame and glory. The way we figure out which community is the best and strongest is through competitive challenges which we call “clashes”.

A clash happens between two avatars in the game who want to engage in competition. As we don’t want anybody to lose score while they’re absent we created arenas which users send their avatars to for clashing. Any two avatars who have been sent to the same arena can clash, and the winner will both gain experience and improve their score.

How do I influence the outcome of a clash?

There are multiple factors that determine the outcome of a clash:

  • The attributes of the avatars
  • Their levels
  • Their current constitution
  • Their clans (some clans may have specific advantages in specific environments)
  • The fighting strategies you and your opponents have chosen

While we’ll have a ton of additional information on character development, levels, attributes and the clans in the upcoming Feature Spotlights, we want dig deeper into fighting strategies and their impact right here, right now.

Strategies, huh?

This may be a bit of a lofty term for something very simple and well-known — the rock-paper-scissors mechanics behind clashing in Chain Clash.

An introduction to rock-paper-scissors

We don’t really have to do this, do we? You really never heard of rock-paper-scissors (or rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock, for that matter)? Go look at Wikipedia to read up on it.

How this is presented to you in Chain Clash

You may not even notice there’s a rock-paper-scissors (RPS) style mechanic in the clashing part of Chain Clash, but just like in Pokemon we’ve used RPS as a base system.

Every player selects a fighting strategy for their avatar when they send them to the arena for clashing. You can pick from a number of different moves, each of which gives you an advantage or disadvantage over the other moves.

The effect of each move depends on the attributes of the avatar and the clan it belongs to. This sounds a little complicated, but once you see it in the game, it will make total sense (promise!). As an example, Bitcoin avatars are rather rigid as compared to EOS or Tron avatars because of the nature of their blockchains, so in the game will have advantages in more defensive and “slow” moves and strategies, while EOS or Tron avatars will rely on their agility and be rather effective in moving fast and making a lot of pinprick style punches.

What you’ll see

Although clashes in Chain Clash aren’t interactive (if you want an action-packed fighting game making use of your avatars you’ll have to wait a little) we still want you to get a feeling for what it’s like to be in the arena with your avatar. All of the moves you choose are resembled in our 3D fighting animations and you’ll be able to recognize your avatars, their moves and even the effectivity of it all!

Why you should clash

Because the game is all about clashing. Full stop.

Just kidding, of course you should gain something from spending your precious time on clashes. Apart from the score improvements (or decreases) that you can gain, you should watch out for all the small and big impacts any clash can have:

  • Gaining experience and advancing in levels
  • Completing challenges
  • Representing your clan in clan challenges and leaderboards
  • Advance in arenas
  • Earn achievements
  • And more…

As every avatar — even the strongest and fittest ones — need to rest sometimes, we’ll also have a mechanism to simulate that in the game. We’ll cover this in one of our next Feature Spotlights.

A glance in the crystal ball

We don’t know what we don’t know, but there’s a lot we know already. If you’re not confused enough, yet, here’s a bunch of things that we have in the pipeline to make clashes even more interesting in the future:

  • More leaderboards
  • Time-limited arenas and leaderboards
  • Clan-based leaderboards and challenges
  • More moves and clan-specific moves
  • Move upgrades once the avatar reaches certain thresholds
  • Idle clashing

Closing thoughts

This time, we wanted to give you a little more detail about the way clashes, the most important thing in Chain Clash, work. We hope this gives you just the right amount of information to make you wanna try it yourselves. Come and join the private beta with almost 200 other avatars!

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or join our Discordto discuss!

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