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Enable & Mint Secret SCRT with Keplr

SecretSCRT ($sSCRT) is a privacy-preserving, fungible Secret Token that is backed by $SCRT, the native currency of Secret Network.
$sSCRT is the first implementation of the SNIP-20 standard.
Read more in the Blogpost or scroll down to the tutorial!

🔑 Create the Viewing Key

  1. Access your $SCRT account on Keplr Wallet Extension.
  2. Click on the three lines at the top left to display the menu.
  3. Select [Add Token] from the menu selection.
  4. Paste the following contract into the section called [Contract Address]:
  5. After a few moments of waiting you will see the other fields fill in automatically, except [Viewing Key].
  6. Select [Create].
  7. Now you have to choose the fees. A small note: the transaction will not be successful if you choose a too low amount, so I recommend setting [High].
  8. Once [Set Fee] is selected you will have the possibility to check the operation one last time before confirming it by clicking on [Approve].
  9. If the transaction was successful, you will notice your available balance decreased as a result of the gas spent.
    In case you see one of the two error messages (shown in the picture n.3):
    • In the first case, it is a system error, which can be resolved by closing and reopening Keplr or refreshing it.
    • In the second one, the system warns us that the gas that had been selected was not enough to cover the cost of the operation.
    In both cases, you cannot do otherwise than run again the operation from the beginning.

🧿 Enabling $sSCRT on Keplr

  1. Once the operation is successfully completed, you will be automatically redirected to [Add Token].
  2. You will notice that the [Viewing Key] field has now been filled automatically.
  3. Select [Submit] to complete the procedure.

Don’t be scared if you don’t see any apparent change in the home page: as soon as $sSCRT are sent to you, an additional dedicated section will immediately appear, like the one you can see in the image below.

💎 Mint Secret SCRT tokens using Secret contracts

  1. Go to Keplr Wallet Dashboard
  2. Click on [Secret Secret] on the menù selection.
  3. To create $SSCRT you have to check that in the [Convert] section the option selected is [SCRT to Secret SCRT]
  4. Enter in the [Amount] section the amount of $SCRT you want to convert to $sSCRT. On the same screen, on the top, you can see your available balance: remember that the use of the smart contract has a cost so make sure you have enough resources.
  5. Once determined the amount, click on the blue [Convert] button on the bottom.
  6. In the window that appeared, select the gas you intend to use to complete the operation and confirm by clicking [Select Fee]. I remind you that it is strongly recommended to select [High] to have the best experience in terms of performance.
  7. Finally will appear the operation summary screen: after checking that everything is as you requested, click [Approve] to complete the procedure.

🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏽‍♂️ SΞCRΞT AGΞNTS: Operation Complete!

You can now view your $sSCRT balance either in the appropriate section of the app or directly on Keplr, by scrolling down to the Secret Network panel.

🎁 Do you want to send your $sSCRT to a Secret Agent?

On Keplr (extension) click on the $sSCRT box:
A window will automatically open and all you have to do is enter the recipient’s address (secretxxxxxxxx…) and the amount of $sSCRT to start sharing with more and more people what is an example of the infinite potential of Secret Network!

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