Free Verse Pied Piper: Sequel [Closed]

The return of the collab

Illustration by Kate Greenaway for Robert Browning’s “The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Look who’s back — it’s the pied piper!

We loved where the pied piper project led us and the three beautiful poems that we made last time, so we decided to reopen this project.

For those who wasn’t in the first collab, this collaboration is about chaining one-liners into a single poem. It’s really fun to watch where the poem dances as it develops; each line has the potential to strengthen or twist the poem’s direction. (It’s even more fun if you contribute.)

How to Play

  1. Read each of the three poems linked below, also scan the comments/responses and see if there are responses pending an editor adding it to the poem.
  2. Highlight the last line of the poem and respond to the main poem post with your one-line contribution. Remember, one line not one stanza! Please don’t submit your line as a draft to Chalkboard or as a response to another comment of the post. Our editors will add each line to the body of the poem in the original post, and attribute your contribution.
  3. Your line must be 1–12 words (doesn’t have to rhyme since it’s free verse). Think about continuing the earlier lines or the main theme of the poem or giving your interpretation to it. You’re welcome to play with any poetic devices you like.
  4. Please wait until someone else has submitted a line or 24 hours before submitting another line.
  5. If you like, you can come up with a line that will fit in all three poems, providing a cross-link between them. Note that this is optional!

I’ll close this project on the 31st August, tidy up the final poems, and let everyone know what we ended up with!

On to the poems:

I’m tagging the original pied piper contributors in case you’d like to join in: Tamyka Bell, Ernio Hernandez, Thomas R. Barton, JD, Zev, Carolyn, C. Duhnne, Indira Reddy, Mike Thorn, Jason Stelzner, Madison Werner.