$IONX Airdrop to Community

Charged Particles $IONX Community Airdrop Details

Ben Lakoff
May 30 · 3 min read

In our $IONX announcement, we announced a 3% airdrop to community supporters.

To our Photon community you’re well aware that we’ve had a $CHARGE Social token since April-2020, over a year at this point. The CHARGE Community Token is used to acknowledge community contributors.

We’ve used this social token over the past year as a reward for adding value to the community in various ways, such as:

  • Community Rewards (e.g. Community Moderation, building something for Charged Particles, Ambassador Program)
  • Donation to Gitcoin Grants (Round 5,6,7)
  • Purchase of a LEPTON
  • Participating in Charged Particles Metaverse Events and Supporting our Artists, e.g. Proton Holders.
  • Prize for contests!

Official token contract address: 0x02d3a27ac3f55d5d91fb0f52759842696a864217

This 3% Airdrop is split evenly over 3 months, more of an “Airdrip”, with 1% being unlocked immediately right after TGE. Another 1% will be unlocked the next month, and a final 1% the next month.

That’s right. $CHARGE HODLERs, we took a snapshot early last week (right before announcing $IONX), and we’ll be airdripping $IONX to $CHARGE holders, claimable after our TGE on 31-May at 16:30 UTC at https://app.charged.fi/.

For each $CHARGE you’re holding** in your ETH wallet, you’ll be airdripped 1.69 $IONX.

How this looks: 1000 $CHARGE = 1,695 $IONX. 1/3 of it available instantly (565 $IONX), 1/3 of it available one month later (565 $IONX) and the final 1/3 available instantly (565 $IONX) two months later — claimable each time on https://app.charged.fi/.

A THANK YOU to our amazing Photon Community. You guys rock.

Didn’t get enough $IONX from the Airdrip? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of $IONX reserved for the community and adding value over the next… forever.

Participating in an ongoing $CHARGE initiative and haven’t yet received your $CHARGE? Don’t worry, you’ll receive $IONX instead :)

**Please note that to encourage a more fair distribution, we’ve adjusted the balance for some of the very large $CHARGE whales. The majority of these were distributed long ago — and we wanted to make sure this airdrop is more evenly distributed! If your $CHARGE Balance was >20K $CHARGE, we’ve capped your balance at 20K. $CHARGE Balances 10–20K, are capped at 10K.

🚫 Warning

❗Charged Particles team will NEVER DM you ever about anything!❗

$IONX will not be available until the Polkastarter IDO on May 31

⚠️Disclaimer Everything related to $IONX tokens, smart contracts and their addresses will be only available on official channels. Charged Particles team members will NEVER DM you ever about anything. Please be careful. ⚠️

✅ Join the official Charged Particles channels
Website https://charged.fi/
Twitter https://twitter.com/DefiNft
Telegram https://t.me/chargedparticles
Telegram Announcement Channel https://t.me/CPAnnouncement

About Charged Particles

With Charged Particles, any NFT can be transformed into a basket containing other ERC-20 tokens, even other NFTs. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT, and through an integration with Aave’s aTokens, programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away. Charged Particles is backed by top web3 investors in the space, and the Protocol & DApp went live on MainNet on 17-Feb.

What’s in your NFT?

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