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Nested NFT “Pandora’s Box” Sells For 42 ETH

The first-of-its-kind nested NFT collaboration marks the highest sale to date on Charged Particles.

It was only a week ago that we announced the release of Pandora’s Box, the first NFT of its kind on Charged Particles.

Loaded with interesting-bearing aDAI, interest-bearing aWETH, CHARGE social tokens, and 14 unique NFTs from 14 artists all locked inside a single NFT through the technology of the Charged Particles protocol, it’s not surprise that collector’s had their eyes drawn to it.

We are so proud to announce not only our highest sale on the platform, bringing in nearly US$115k for the 15 participating artists, but also to demonstrate the power of this cutting edge technology. Charged Particles offers a brand new level of creativity for NFT creators who want to do something truly unique in the ever-growing ecosystem.

  • Bundles, Starter Packs, Baskets
  • Serial Narratives that unlock over time
  • Loot Boxes, Puzzle Boxes, In-Game Crafting Tables
  • Social Token Releases
  • Digital Estate Management
  • Rare Collections or Portfolios (transferable in one transaction)
  • Music NFT Albums that release new songs over time
  • Metaverse Parcels that literally contain and own the digital assets within them

This is an open call to artists in the space to do something truly innovative with this technology. It works.

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