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Unleashing A New World of Possibilities for NFTs

There’s more inside this NFT than you’ll believe.

In partnership with The Guild, we are incredibly proud to present the newest functionality of the Charged Particles Protocol — a piece of the puzzle that we’ve been working on since January of 2020.

Alongside ERC-20 tokens, including interest-bearing tokens, LP tokens, social tokens, and speculative assets, you can now load any ERC-721 or ERC-1155 inside your NFTs.

To help us demonstrate the incredible power behind this functionality, the artists from The Guild have made something really special, and something that is almost certainly the first of its kind.

Who Are The Guild?

The Guild are an inclusive, dynamic interdisciplinary Art organization founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their focus is cultivating creative collaborations that promote cross cultural synergy, positivity, equality, and sustainability in this new artistic platform.

The Guild gettin’ down during the Altered State event. 33 of their artists were featured in the work. Check it out HERE.

We’re into creating collaborations between artists from all areas across the biosphere, from the OG’s to the new and undiscovered gems.

From creating the first and largest record setting collaborations in the CryptoArt and NFT space to finely tuning smaller scale creative collaborations where everyone is represented and their skills and expression are exhibited, we’re all about fostering community, sustainability and education both in the real world and beyond the metaverse.

The proceeds of each artwork are distributed according to our distribution chart with the majority going to the individual artists. We are firm believers in circular economies and each of the talented and wonderful artists within our organization are advocates of creating real world change within their communities.

We are futurists, agents of change, parents, activists, punks, developers, artists but most importantly…we are a global family.

A lot of people tend to throw the word community around,
we have it written into our dna.

What’s In The Box?

(become Wrath)

Loaded inside this unique NFT, release-able only by the collector who becomes its Pandora, you’ll find interest-bearing aDAI, wrapped Ethereum, CHARGE social tokens, and fourteen unique NFTs by fifteen artists (including the box itself). You’ll find pieces inspired by the very things unleashed in that famous moment of Greek mythology — war, greed, hunger, pain, hatred, disease, poverty, envy, death, and hope. You’ll also find Pandora herself.

Hover over each nested NFT to see them in a pop up!

This NFT not only sets a precedent for a new approach to cryptoart, new levels of creativity for artists, and financial mechanisms that help creators and buyers alike to earn and save money, it stands as a mile marker in the greater crypto Ecosystem.

Soon enough, generating interest within your NFT will also generate the Charged Particles Governance Token. This added leverage, which can be multiplied by depositing a Lepton v2 NFT, empowers NFT creators to do so much more than ever before possible.

From now on, people should be asking, “What’s in your NFT?”

This NFT goes on sale on Friday, April 23rd at 6PM EST.

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Mango Dogwood
Charged Particles

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