Idea: 19
Monday, 19 January 2015
By. Beau Bergeron and Myles Lambert
Inspired by Brainstorm #3: “X for Y”


Squarespace for interior design

Moving into an unfurnished apartment, home or office? Instead of cheap IKEA furniture or expensive interior designers, buy or lease from DOMO by selecting from beautifully designed template layouts.

Moving can be a pain in the a**, but it’s even worse if your new place is unfurnished. Why? Because it takes time, energy and money to get the perfect look. Many times people just give up and get everything from Ikea or West Elm. There is a solution for this — hire an interior designer — but that’s an additional expense many people are not eager to take on.

What if professional design came at a touch of a button? Squarespace did this for website design. DOMO does this for interior design. Simple and easy. Rad your pad with only a couple clicks!

How it works: (see mockup at this link)

1. Choose a theme for your room that’s been professionally curated by our in-house interior design staff. Everything has been hand-picked to work together and achieve a stunning look. We offer options for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

2. Check out what’s in the package. Subtract items you don’t need (not enough space for two night stands?) or add additional items you need to fill your space (two of those armchairs for my living room please!).

3. Choose to either buy or lease with commitments of 3–6 months, 7–12 months or 13+ months. We handle delivery, setup and, if leasing, removal. You just get ready to enjoy your new apartment!