Idea: 18
Sunday, 18 January 2015
By. Francis Pedraza and Megan Lathrop


— Never schedule a call again

Pager is an app that allows you to avoid scheduling calls entirely. Instead of scheduling, manage a call list. When you’re ready to talk, Pager notifies the first person on your list.

I’ll skip the part where I explain how horrible scheduling calls is. Except to say that having a fixed schedule prevents focus, productivity and creativity. Even calls we should be looking forward to, we end up dreading, because we know they’ll take us “out of the flow”. There must be a more fluid solution. Instead of letting our lives revolve around rigid appointments, where time for calls is blocked out in advance, what if we could just take calls when we’re actually ready to take them?

Pager is an app that allows you to avoid scheduling calls entirely. When someone wants to schedule a call, add them to your Pager list instead. When you’re available, the first person on your list will receive a push or email notification, with instructions to call you. If they don’t respond within several minutes, Pager sends a notification to the second person on your list, and so on — until somebody calls. The same process works in reverse, if you want to get ahold of someone else, just send a request on Pager. When they change their status to “available”, you’ll be notified, according to your place on their call list, and if you’re free too, you can give them a ring.