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an open blog.

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Kate Ashley
Blogger. I love writing about creative living and personal growth, among many other topics. Also an avid podcast listener and a hobbyist artist.
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Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson has the aspirations to be a world renowned writer. Nate continues to challenge and improve himself. Nate enjoys to read, run, and ramble.
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Kit Marsden
The first man to be sarcastic in space. Enthusiastic amateur candlestick maker, and author of three books on what the world would be like if dogs could cook.
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Alison Sutton
Slightly sweary writing, written to challenge your view on life.
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Jake-6/8/12&Kaboodles-7/12/13 - My feelings are valid & no one will ever over step me again. I love Impractical Jokers!