Sunsetting Anthem Dashboard

Anthem, a dashboard to manage your Celo and Oasis portfolios, will be shut down in October 2021

Rishi Sidhu
Chorus One


On October 7th, we will be sunsetting Anthem, a dashboard that allows users to track and manage their Celo, Oasis, and (before cosmoshub-4) Cosmos portfolios. This means that you will no longer be able to connect your Ledger or any address on the supported networks with Anthem and view your dashboard.

Why We Built Anthem

The core motivation to build Anthem arose from our own needs as a staking provider to allow delegators to see and track their historical staking rewards on proof-of-stake (PoS) networks. We started with support for the Cosmos Hub to get access to historical staking return data and gradually expanded to Celo and Oasis successfully.

Anthem’s features had a multitude of benefits from being able to track your portfolio day-to-day to staking on the supported networks from a Ledger device, to being able to record your revenues for accounting and taxation purposes by exporting your account data as a CSV file. One could choose different base fiat currencies and even different display languages including Chinese, German, Korean and Spanish.

Why We Are Sunsetting Anthem

We have decided to sunset Anthem as we are unable to fit this product within our larger organizational objectives. We have not been able to give Anthem the attention to deliver a product that matches the quality of what we as Chorus One want to provide to the community.

We are immensely grateful to all the users for using Anthem and providing valuable feedback over the years. We are also grateful for the support received from the Celo and Oasis Foundations. We will remain an active validator on both the Oasis and Celo networks and continue to serve our delegators through secure and available nodes. We are going to continue to focus on advancing the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem by providing our highly available and secure infrastructure, by doing work on interoperability (e.g. Celo <> Cosmos IBC), liquid staking (e.g. Lido for Solana), and through other initiatives.

In case of any questions, you may contact us at or through the Intercom plugin on our website.

How does it impact our users?

Your funds are completely safe. Chorus One is still a validator on both Celo and Oasis and you can stake your tokens with us.

There is NO impact on the users of Anthem. Your funds are completely safe! Your stake and tokens are still completely accessible and you don’t need to perform any transactions (be wary of folks claiming otherwise). Anthem was just a frontend to the Celo and Oasis blockchains. In fact Chorus One is still a validator on both Celo and Oasis and you can stake your tokens with us. The only change is that you will have to stake using alternate wallets.

There are alternative tools for both supported networks Celo and Oasis. Simply connect your Ledger to one of the following alternative wallets.

For Oasis

Oasis recently announced the launch of their web wallet and their Chrome browser extension as well. You can use the web wallet to

  • Store and stake your ROSE tokens
  • Transfer ROSE between wallets
  • Connect with Ledger

For Celo

For Celo, we recommend using the official Celo Wallet app, which supports most of the features Anthem had (plus a variety of additional ones). In addition, Celo block explorers are helpful to observe your portfolio and the network itself

About Chorus One

Chorus One is offering staking services and building protocols and tools to advance the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem.




Rishi Sidhu
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