Getting ready for the upcoming CityStates PackSale

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5 min readDec 9, 2021


With our collection finally been whitelisted on AtomicHub, we’re ready to advance with our roadmap.

The first step will be to distribute remaining Whitelist passes, next the PackSale itself and before the CityStates: Medieval PvP Beta test starts: the unpacking Event.

Current Pass Auctions!

Everyone participating in the Dashboard Sale will need an account on There is a chance to participate in the Sale even without a Pass if any Packs are left after Bronze had their dibs. Read on…

Also read for more detailed guides:
Magnus’ CityStates Guide Directory

The Pack Sales will be held in the following order:

1. Gold VIP Pass Holders (24h to place order — $550 max)
2. Silver VIP Pass Holders (24h to place order — $250 max)
3. Bronze VIP Pass Holders (24h to place order — no limit)
If any packs are left after these:
4. All other users on Dashboard (first come, first served — no limit)
5. On WAX marketplaces like atomichub/neftyblocks (auctions?)

Prices for the Packs will be displayed in HEX/USD, however we support the deposit of a flurry of crypto currencies already including but not limited to: BTC, ETH, XLM, WAX, DOT, DOGE, ADA, LTC etc and various stablecoins.

To participate in the Sale you will need balance in your account. You can either swap to HEX/USD prior to the Sale to avoid volatility or pay directly with the currency of your choice. Note that paying with other currency will incur a swap at the time of purchase at current rate. Swapping terms and conditions apply.

Gold Pass holders will be able to participate in Silver round, however; Silver holders will have the pick-priority. Gold and Silver holders will be able to participate in Bronze round, however; Bronze holders will have the pick-priority. Therefore, Gold Pass holders will be able to buy $800 worth of Packs during the Gold and Silver rounds.

You can login to the Dashboard any time over the 24h period and pick the number of rare/common/uncommon packs that you want to purchase as well as the Pack gender (Male/Female) [this would be your MAIN list].

You will also be able to pick the number and rarity of packs that you would like to purchase if the Packs from your MAIN list were all sold before your turn [this is your SECONDARY list].

After the 24h period ends, the Packs will be distributed evenly according to pick priority instead of first come first served. This way we can avoid bots or single users obtaining the most sought after packs.

If you own a VIP Pass NFT:

To get your Pass recognized in the Sale, you will need to verify your WAX wallet in the Dashboard Settings. We support the verification via Cloud Wallet as well as Anchor. What’s even better about this is that you’ll be able to log in to the Dashboard with your WAX wallet instead of username/password after verification.

A detailed guide has been written here:

If you are already logged into your Dashboard account, simply click here:

You will need to sign two times with your wallet of choice to complete this step. After successfully verifying, the Settings page will show like this:

To make sure everything worked correctly go to the NFT tab:

A refresh may be needed. Your Pass will then show at the bottom of the page like this:

How to Deposit/Withdraw Tokens on the addirktive Dashboard

A detailed guide has been written here:

How to use the Swap function in the Dashboard

Please read this guide if you need help using the Swap tool:

Ready… Set…

At this point you should have your Pass ready in your WAX wallet, connected said wallet to your addirktive account and have balance that you will need in the sale.

The Sale will be announced via all our social media outlets as well as in the weekly newsletter.

How many Packs are there and what’s in it?

As with everything around CityStates, we’ve taken a seat back and balanced the amount of packs as well as the contents of each pack to ensure a fair distribution that doesn’t lead to overflowing the early markets.

Rare Pack: x650
Uncommon Pack: x1500
Common Pack: x3000

The packs will include:
1) Heroes
2) Resource Bags
3) Building Blueprints
4) Crafting Blueprints
5) 2% chance of getting a special item of same rarity as the pack

Common Pack ($15):
4 Heroes, 1 Resource Bag, 50 Building Blueprints, 15 Crafting Blueprints
Uncommon Pack ($40):
7 Heroes, 2 Resource Bags, 100 Building Blueprints, 30 Crafting Blueprints
Rare Pack ($95):
10 Heroes, 2 Resource Bags, 100 Building Blueprints, 30 Crafting Blueprints

The probabilities of getting Common/Uncommon/Rare Heroes from the Packs are the following:
Common Pack: 86%/11%/3%
Uncommon Pack: 11%/81%/8%
Rare Pack: 3%/8%/89%

Our goal is to generally make sure you ‘get what you pay for’ without too many off-odds.

Additional PackSales?

We will observe secondary markets after the sale and if demand is much higher than anticipated may conduct a second PackSale. Passes will have the same eligibility in potential follow up sales, basically guaranteeing a positive flip if one is to happen.

Benefit for CSM tokenholders?

PackSales are revenue generated for CSM tokenholders and are to be distributed as royalties. Since Heroes are included in the Packs, a part of PackSales will be set aside for MasterNFTs, a concept we haven’t talked about much yet but is still on our internal roadmap.

If you read until here and have no idea what CSM is, here is an info page with links to DEXs where CSM can be bought: