Only YOU can help CleanApp!

Earth Island

We’re very excited that you landed here. Whatever brought you to these shores, welcome! We need all the help we can get to clean up our trashy Earth Island. Here’s the to-do list.

Please help us tackle as many of these as you can and let us know what you’re doing so we can coordinate our efforts.

  1. Support our petition to get Google to activate trash/hazard reporting (you may disagree with this tactic, and we respect that; but Google has 2 billion monthly active users — and in order to clean our island, we need each one of them to do CleanApp reports every single day).
  2. Read the CleanApp Whitepaper. We spent a lot of time developing the technical and economic processes that will help us clean Earth Island as efficiently as possible, and the Whitepaper is the key to unlocking these processes.
  3. Help develop the CleanApp Standard. If you don’t want hackers looking through your digital or physical trash, then you have to help us limit their reach. If you believe open-source is the way to go, then you have to help us develop this into a standard that scales. If you think Open ARCloud is where the action is, cool; please help us reach the people who are standardizing the future.
  4. Tell us why we’re wrong. Nobody has been able to crash our logic yet and that’s exactly why we need you to tell us why we’re wrong. We know we’re doing lots of things wrong because more and more trash keeps washing ashore on Earth Island every day — but unless you tell us what that is, we’ll be stuck. Bonus: if you crash our logic, we’ll give you bounties.
  5. Help us launch CleanApps! There is so much opportunity in the CleanApp sector. Our vision of mobile app development is modeled on BigTech’s. We don’t need to have one CleanApp that does everything well. We need to have many CleanApps that do discrete tasks better than any other app or process out there. This includes: CleanApp-lite (a basic mobile app for doing CleanApp reporting, launch app, go to camera, click, done); CleanApp Games (a full suite of age-appropriate CleanApp games from (a) random assignment to one of two teams, with leaderboards on each team [think Ingress, PokemonGo, etc.] to (b) multi-player coordination games; to (c) air-drop/treasure-hunt games; (d) Tinder-like swipe-right-for-plastic/swipe-left-for-paper trash-sorting & analytics tagging games; (e) CleanAppMap games; (f) AR-immersive gaming); CleanApp Enterprise (CleanApp process integration in existing enterprise-level platforms like, Rubicon Global, and others); CleanApp-Bay (hazard/incident reports are very valuable & we’ll need to try lots of different ways to pair CleanApp Reporters with CleanApp Responders); CleanApp Analytics (raw data is cool, but composite data is cooler); etc.
  6. Write for CleanApp Report. We’re always looking for writers to explain the CleanApp vision to as many different audiences as possible, in as many different languages as possible. If you’re a wordsmith who wants to change the world, please help us change our very vocabulary & vernacular on trash.
  7. Give in material ways. CleanApp Foundation is a non-profit. Even though we’re hot about crypto, this is the sum total of our crypto hodl. Thus far, we’ve had exactly one crowdfunding drive, back in 2013 when we started. Since then, we’ve been self-funded, without any angel, VC, or other financial support. Our backers have helped us in many other ways. We’re extremely grateful for any support you can lend.
  8. Spread word about CleanApp. Please tell everyone you know about us. In the next five years, we will make CleanApp a household name, like Google & Wikipedia. CleanApping will be a recognized verb. Only you can help us make that happen.
  9. Give us a thumbs up. It’s hard out there for nonprofits that sit at the intersection of different established fields, especially ones that seem diametrically opposed, like Environmentalism, BigTech & Crypto. Tree-huggers & cryptonaires may think of us as corporate shills. BigTech may think we’re just trying to cash in on a patent. Crypto folks may think we’re naive, or misinformed. We’ve heard these things (& much worse). Against this static, your ongoing support — your “likes” & retweets & “thumbs up” & reddit upvotes — really mean a LOT. On some of the toughest days, they help get us back in the groove like nothing else out there. It may not seem like much, but just a nod of acknowledgement goes a very long way.

Thank you for your support!