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Since 2005 our purpose has been to advance the practice of design to transform organisations and people’s lives for the better.
Note from the editor

Opinions and learnings on design and technology from the team at Clearleft.

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Jeremy Keith
A web developer and author living and working in Brighton, England. Everything I post on Medium is a copy — the originals are on my own website, adactio.com
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Richard Rutter
Cofounder of @clearleft, author of @WebTypography, designer of digital things. Please patronise responsibly.
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Andy Budd
User Experience Designer, startup advisor, occasional conference speaker, @Clearleft founder, and curator of @UXLondon and @LDConf
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Andy Thornton
Digital Experience Design & Strategy @Clearleft
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Hana Stevenson
Designer previously @clearleft | Organiser of @LadiesthatUX_Br | Ex Central St Martins | Love to play and driven by curiosity.
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Jon Aizlewood
Design Director @Clearleft, a strategic design consultancy in the UK. 🇨🇦🇬🇧
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We work with global brands to design and redesign products and services, bring strategic clarity, and transform digital culture
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Ben White
A designer living in sunny Lewes, UK.
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Chris How
Principal UX Consultant @clearleft & Co-organiser of @uxcampbrighton. Insatiable curiosity for people, digital design and tech. Recovering Post-it note addict.
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Jason Bird
Product Designer
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Rachel McConnell
Content Ops at BT. Previously Clearleft and Deliveroo. Author of Why you need a content team http://amzn.eu/d/2j4OrHx
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Tom Prior
I design digital products & lead design teams — www.thomasprior.co.uk
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Benjamin Parry
Design researcher at Clearleft.
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Bringing design leaders together. Editor of Leading Design: https://medium.com/leading-design