Top 10 Development and Design Articles Our Followers Loved This Week #29

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 How you are identified (and tracked) on the Web

I see a lot of misconceptions when it comes to understanding how the “evil overlords” of the internet track us. As… By Sean Kilgarriff read more

#2 Build a Next.js website in 4 steps

In this blog I will show you how to pick up an existing website example and curtail it into your own, beautiful Next.js… By Carson Gibbons read more

#3 Introduction to Node & Express

Node is a JavaScript environment built on the same JavaScript engine used in Google’s Chrome web browser. It has some… By Eric Elliott read more

#4 Which programming languages have the happiest (and angriest) commenters?

It’s officially winter, so what could be better than drinking hot chocolate while querying the new Stack Overflow dataset… By Sara Robinson read more

#5 2017 is the year that front-end developers should go back and master the basics

In our fast-paced ecosystem, we tend to spend our time trying out the latest inventions, then arguing about them… By Artem Sapegin read more

#6 The 9 most popular Golang links from 2016

This year Golang celebrated its 7th birthday 🎉 and we saw the release of Go 1.7. We thought it would be great to showcase… By Za'e Johnson read more

#7 How to ruin a developer’s day

Let’s be honest, who really likes developers? We pretend we do because we have to share an office with them, but really we’d… By Dan Edwards read more

#8 5 free VueJS tutorials

Ok… I still use jQuery — my apologies for sleeping through the entire Backbone, Knockout, Angular 1 era. Regardless, I’m ready… By Rich Klein read more

#9 JavaScript New Year resolutions countdown

It’s that time of year — time to start thinking of resolutions for the new year. But this time you’re actually going to check some… By Eric Elliott read more

#10 I’m learning to code at 56. Here’s an epic beat-down of my critical inner self

I love losing myself in an algorithm challenge. I love squeezing in a few extra minutes testing just one more thing. I love… By VM Vaughn read more

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