Vue.js Interactive Gameboy Color (Sprinkling Vue.js on Pure CSS Images)

What you’re getting into: A brief intro with a link to a walkthrough video of making an interactive Gameboy using existing pure CSS images and Vue.js


In a previous post titled, An Advanced Guide to Pure CSS Images (Powering Up With Vue.js), we walked through the creation of an interactive developer desk that makes use of pure CSS images and Vue.js.

In this post, I wanted to provide another guide, this time via video, for making a mini Vue.js app that utilizes pure CSS images, specifically, an interactive Gameboy Color.

By providing another example of using Vue.js and pure CSS images, I hope that some creative juices within you are animated so you are inspired to make some fun mini Vue.js applications on your own.

I provide a reminder in the video, but you will need to use the following template for coding along. I’ve also provided the final code/demo for your convenience:


Final Code/Demo:


Moving Forward

Hopefully, this was handy! Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Power Up With Pure CSS Images & Vue.js Course:

Learn to make pure CSS images:

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