VeriBlock Event Wrap-up

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2 min readNov 27, 2021


Hello hunters!

The Coin Hunt World! + VeriBlock Event was a great success, with hunters all over the United Kingdom participating in the excitement.

The event kicked off with an episode of ITGUY’s Blockchain Gaming Podcast featuring Justin Fisher (CEO) & Maxwell Sanchez (CTO). This special episode is a deep dive into the history and technology of the VeriBlock project, and the host — ITGUY — is a well-known Canadian CHW player!

This podcast episode kicked off the learning that would continue for the duration of the two-week event, with hunters being rewarded with up to $2 USD of VBK for answering VeriBlock-themed trivia questions in special green vaults around the UK. Together with up to $0.10 USD of VBK also dropping from blue vaults, a total of 703,077.49 VBK was awarded to hunters during the event, spanning 20,178 brand interactions with 736 unique players.

The unique VeriBlock Cubie Blueprint also had a chance of dropping from the special VeriBlock vaults. A total of 186 lucky hunters managed to find this rare blueprint. Each blueprint can be used to print VeriBlock Cubies (as long as the hunter gathers the required resources!) and, so far, a total of 294 Veriblock Cubies exist in-game, with more being printed every day.

And the VeriBlock Cubie is popular. With the event only happening in the United Kingdom, players in other parts of the world could not wait to get their hands on them! Cubies and Blueprints quickly started appearing in the Auction House, and are selling for a pretty penny! The highest bid to date for a VeriBlock Cubie has been 416 blue keys and, for the VeriBlock Blueprint, one player paid a whopping 2250 blue keys!

The VeriBlock Event was wonderful opportunity for hunters to learn about a promising project in the crypto world, and we think it was a great success. The VeriBlock Cubie is going to continue to make its way around the Coin Hunt World! universe, dancing “the hammer dance” on the CHW leaderboards for many years to come.