3 NEW Bundles on CoinBundle

Coinbasic, Halal, & Top 20 Bundles Launched

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Oct 1, 2018 · 4 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that we added 3 new bundles to the CoinBundle Investment Platform!

These bundles were developed in response on the overwhelming demand for additional investment options from our amazing community. The bundles are: Coinbasic Bundle, Halal Bundle and Top 20 Bundle. These will be added to the existing signature bundles of cryptocurrencies based on investor risk profiles: Conservative, Aggressive, and Emerging Bundles.

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Coinbasic Bundle

This bundle is for those who want to get instant access to the 5 most commonly accepted and deeply vetted cryptocurrencies instantly and at low cost.

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Coinbase, came on board the bundling revolution and released its signature bundle a few days ago. CoinBundle is offering a cheaper, easier-to-use and more efficient version of this bundle. Investing in this bundle will allow you to save a significant amount on fees you would otherwise pay, getting up to 25% higher returns over the investment’s lifetime.

Coinbasic bundles are built with 5 cryptos and their compositions are in proportion to their individual market caps. This bundle consists of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic with the following composition:

The minimum amount for purchase is only $5 compared to Coinbase’s minimum amount of $25. The Coinbasic Bundle is available to investors in the EU, Canada and 140 other countries.

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Halal Bundle

This bundle is for those who want to invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies while also staying compliant with the rules and regulations of Islamic Finance.

The Halal Bundle is the world’s first bundle of digital assets compliant with Islamic Finance. Each asset in the bundle is meticulously researched to ensure adherence with the core tenets of Muslim investing and requires sign-off from a leading religious scholar. The bundle currently consists of the following token composition:

Bitcoin was declared Halal in April of 2018 by Muhammad Abu-Bakar of Blossom Finance (read more here).

Stellar received Sharia Compliance Certification from the Central Bank of Bahrain in July of 2018 (read more here).

This bundle will open up the world of crypto investing to over 1.8 billion Muslims globally and open the pathway to the $1.8 Trillion currently invested in Islamic Finance to flow into cryptocurrencies.

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Top 20 Bundle

This bundle is ideal for investors who want to diversify their holdings across a wide variety of cryptos without spending time and effort buying them independently.

This bundle consists of 20 leading cryptocurrencies with high market capitalizations and strong communities of believers behind them. The coins are distributed in equal weightage, allowing an investor to closely follow the overall movement of the industry. This bundle is is currently stocked up with an equal 5% distribution of these top cryptos:

Given the wider distribution of coins, this bundle also has a higher volatility and the most aggressive risk/reward profile of the bundles available on CoinBundle.

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What’s next?

The addition of these 3 new bundles is a first step towards our BundleMarket where users will be able to create their own unique bundles, publish them on a marketplace, and allow other investors to buy them as well. Pretty rad, huh?


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We're not another typical boring crypto project. Follow us to get the best crypto-articles and of course big announcements about CoinBundle.