Best Cryptocurrencies to buy the dip | November 2021 Edition

Bitcoin crashed down from 66k to around 58k in around 24 hours, dragging many altcoins with it. However, this has provided us an opportunity to DCA our HODLings and BTFD.

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5 min readNov 16, 2021


Bitcoin has been continuing the bull run and did a pullback, providing us an opportunity to accumulate more. Further, as we know, since the price metrics of most of the coins or tokens depend on that of bitcoin so as it goes down, they dip as well. Therefore, here we'd try to discuss the best cryptocurrencies you can buy in this dip.

Apart from that, it's not just us who's looking into buying the dip. According to the data by Santiment, an on-chain and market analysis behavior platform, as soon as bitcoin plunged, investors jumped all in to buy the dip, leading to a rise in the Buy the Dip interest.

However, according to Plan B, the Stock-to-Flow model is still in play, and we are expecting $98,000 per BTC by the end of November and $135,000 BTC by the end of December. Further, if it stays in play and the market isn't delayed, we might as well see the peak of this bull between 13 to 17 December.

Now coming to the coins you can buy right now: Here's a list!

1. Bitcoin

It had to be on the top of the list because, come on, how can you skip the only asset that can serve as the ultimate store of value. Plus, Bitcoin is the one coin driving the entire market, so Buy the dip. I believe that there is a very good chance that bitcoin might not come back to this price, at least in this bull run. And, it's not just me who's saying this. According to TechDev, bitcoin recently managed a weekly close above the log 1.618, which has proved to be a breaking point in the past.

2. PolkaDot

I recently published an article on the best altcoins to buy this fall. So, I'm mentioning it because I put a chart in there, and I'm putting the same chart below. So right now, we are in a perfect accumulation zone for Polkadot, and moving forward, as we already saw a new ATH of $55, we might even break it and go higher.

3. Uniswap

We all know that Uniswap is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the market. However, the DeFi token UNI hasn't been doing much lately. Nevertheless, I believe that UNI has great potential and can go much higher than its previous all-time high even after all of this. Right, now it's in a strong support zone with a moderate trading volume. So, start buying the dip and wait for the rally to begin again.

4. Matic

Polygon (previously Matic) has been expanding its network and adoption faster than ever. Further, from trading at $0.005 to making an all-time high of $2.7, matic has risen by over 500x. As of now, it is trading around $1.5, which in my opinion, can be a perfect buying zone, seeing the adoption of the project.

Closing Thoughts

The most important part of trading is discipline and patience. So don't just go ahead and go all-in on the coins or tokens we discussed above. However, all of the coins above can be a sound investment, so go ahead and buy the dip.

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Nothing in this article is financial advice, and you should only invest in the market you believe is suitable for your portfolio. Also, the article contains affiliate links, and on clicking on them, I might earn a commission.

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