Top 5 Crypto to Buy in 2022

DOGE, ADA, and three more [continue reading to learn their name] are some of the best Crypto assets to buy in November 2021.

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So I am here with another article in the best altcoins to buy series. Since most of us have earned at least some profit in October with bitcoin [at least according to Glassnode], let’s try and look into some of the altcoins that can help us gain good returns in November.

Number of BTC addresses in Profit

It is still unclear that we'll be observing a correction after a month of somewhat decent gains, or the rally will continue. Since bitcoin saw a correction after reaching its ATH at 67k, many people believe that we will soon be seeing an altcoin season. Hence, to be on the safe side, let’s dive into the five best coins/ tokens you should keep an eye on [except BTC & ETH (IYKYK)]

1. DOGE Analysis (Dogecoin): Is DOGE to $1 Still on Track?

DOGE has finally shown some meme-coin strength as we were used to it from April of this year. The reason behind this could be capital flow from SHIB to DOGE. Witnessing the battle of the meme coins will be an interesting sideshow to the bull run. Further, the continued strength of both coins shows the strength of investors behind them. On the one hand, Elon, the DOGE father, is aiming to take it to $1, and on the other, SHIB might be rising out to be the ultimate DOGE killer.


As we saw that SHIB recently overtook DOGE in terms of market cap, and both of them competing hard for the position. Further, DOGE did overtake SHIB for a while again, and this is when it broke off the strong resistance zone of $0.31, as shown in the chart below:

DOGE Price Prediction
DOGE Price Prediction

DOGE Price Prediction November 2021

A re-test of support is likely; however, once this coin starts gathering pace, we know from earlier in the year, it can gather a lot of momentum quickly. A key level will be getting above $0.35 and holding this level which will be an extremely bullish sign. Good days are ahead for Doge; we feel it!

2. ADA Analysis (Cardano)

ADA’s price chart has not been doing much recently, and hence it comes on our list. Cardano has been improving the blockchain and is frequently introducing new features to increase its adoption. Therefore, according to our analysts, ADA has been consolidating in a symmetrical triangle for the past month, and the community is expecting a big upward move soon. Further, according to our analysts, ADA might eventually break out of the symmetrical triangle, and we might see a perfect bullish sentiment. First, however, we should wait for a few daily candle closures above 2.21 for a perfect entry and decent move up.

ADA Price Prediction
ADA Price Prediction

3. DOT Analysis (Polkadot)

We also included Polkadot in our last month’s article, so if you did read it [didn’t? Read here, and check the results] Polkadot moved over $15 from its price on October 2nd. And we’re adding it to this month’s list as well, as a series of events that can lead to an excellent rally in DOT. In a recent announcement, Polkadot was going to host its first Parachain auction in November and hence it is evident that we should keep an eye on its current market prices.

Further, according to our market analysts, if DOT is able to break through the strong resistance at the market levels in the below chart, we can see a very good rally and some new ATHs. However, if DOT is not able to break the showcased resistance, then we might see a correction to support it. As we can also see from the MACD bar graph, DOT is in a critical place for reversal or continuation of its downward move. Further, the volume has been steadily decreasing as well, and we should keep an eye on the volume as a rally upward will be accompanied by high volume.

DOT Price Prediction
DOT Price Prediction

4. SOL Analysis (Solana)

Did you miss the SOL train back in October that took its price up by 9x? No worries, SOL seems to have attracted some investors.

According to our Technical analysts, Solana stays one of the top players in altcoin markets with wonderful strength in the trend. We’re confidently staying above 20 and 50 EMA cloud, as well as a new ATH that gives additional confidence to all investors.

SOL Price Prediction November 2021

We’re expecting a strong performance in November with new all-time highs on the cards, with our first target to be $260 and the second at $300. Any retracement to support lines would be a good opportunity for additional buying.

SOL Price Prediction
SOL Price Prediction

5. BNB Analysis (Binance Coin)

If anyone of you remembers the start of this bull (Yo January) then you might know how far have we come when it comes to BNB’s market value. From a coin oscillating between 25–40 USD to a coin hitting a ATH of ~$700, (damn, that’s around 28x).

The second leg of the bitcoin rally has just kicked in, and all the coins are on their way to get back on their track, and so is BNB. According to our technical analysts, BNB has just broken out of the inverse head and shoulder’s pattern, and further it did so with ichimoku cloud. The EMA’S are also showing decent strength. Moreover, the trade dynamics are showing resistance, and hence we are expecting an upward trend from there.

BNB Price Prediction
BNB Price Prediction

Closing Thoughts

The most important part about trading is discipline and patience. So, according to the above analysis, the coins we just spoke about might see some decent gains. Again, it’s your hard-earned money you’ll be investing, so Do Your Own Research before investing.

Nothing in this article is financial advice, and moreover, you should only invest in the market you believe is good for your portfolio.

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