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Bybit review

Bybit Review 2022 — Leverage Trading, Fees, Bonus and Testnet


  • Margin trading with up to 100x leverage.
  • Three types of order — Market, Limit, and Conditional.
  • USDT and inverse perpetual contracts.
  • Quick and safe deposits/ withdrawals.
  • Robust security management using SSL communication, two-factor authentication, and an advanced Mark and Index pricing system.
  • Integration with best trading bot services.
  • ByBit testnet to know how the platform works before investing real funds.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive user experience.
  • Apps are available on Android and iOS to track information on the go.
  • Referral Incentives and Affiliate programs to earn passive income.
  • Insurance fund and Mutual insurance for risk management.
  • A 24/7 extensive customer support.

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How to create a Bybit account? How does Bybit work?

ByBit review: Registration Page

Bybit Leverage

Type of Orders

  1. Market Order: They are placed at the prevailing market price. They are placed as “bid” if it is a sell and “ask” if it is a buy.
  2. Limit Order: They are placed at a specific level away from the market.
  3. Conditional Order: Once specific levels are reached, it acts as a market or limit order.
Bybit Orders review
  1. Good-till-canceled (GTC) — These orders are valid until you choose to close them.
  2. Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) — You have to fill them immediately at the best price. The unfilled portions will be canceled. Therefore allowing partial order execution. Hence there is a risk attached that the order may not even execute.
  3. Fill or Kill (FOC) — It means no partial execution, orders will be filled completely or not at all.

Bybit Contracts

Bybit Review: Deposits

ByBit review: Deposits

Bybit Withdrawals

Bybit review: withdrawal limits

Bybit Fees

Bybit fees review

ByBit Funding Fee

ByBit Calculator

ByBit calculator review

Bybit Payment Methods

Bybit Trading Bot

ByBit Testnet

Bybit review: User Experience

Bybit interface review

Bybit App

Download ByBit App

Bybit Referral Incentives

Bybit referral review
ByBit Referral Dashboard review

ByBit Affiliate Program

ByBit review: Affiliate Registration

Bybit review: Security

Bybit Insurance Fund

Bybit Mutual Insurance

ByBit review: Mutual Insurance
  1. You will be automatically credited the losses by Bybit upon the expiration of your mutual insurance.
  2. You can do manual settlement anytime during the insured period.
  3. You can also receive an immediate payoff upon liquidation.

Bybit review: Customer Support

Bybit review: Live chat

Bybit review: Pros and Cons


  1. Bybit uses a robust 100K TPS Matching Engine.
  2. It has a powerful API where market data is pushed every 20 ms.
  3. The size of each contract is smaller compared to other exchanges.
  4. Bybit offers futures contracts on EOS and Ripple, unlike other platforms.
  5. Extensive customer support.
  6. Best trading bot services have integration with Bybit.


  1. It is a comparatively new platform.
  2. The platform has a limited number of trading pairs.
  3. US citizens are not allowed to trade.pan

Bybit review: Conclusion

Also Read: How to use Bybit in the USA?

Frequently Asked Questions

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