Era of influence

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1 min readFeb 6, 2023


Photo by Ryan Plomp on Unsplash

Money comes and goes. Famed comes and goes.

Many people think crypto is like money that comes and goes.

That is true, except crypto is not following traditional finance.

In traditional finance, authority makes trust.

People follow authority because they believe they are trustable.

No, until such trust has been breached and people reaccess the trust through influence.

Crypto creates its value through influence but not authority.

The more influence crypto has, the higher the price of crypto will have.

Authority has deteriorated ever since, and only authoritarian states can remain, but they no longer have the power as before.

People will re-evaluate what they believe and follow what is more influential.

We are heading into a populism society where everything is valuable not because authority defines but what people follow.

It will make the state more vulnerable and risky.

Change is a norm and stability will make you lose in the long term.

Therefore, you are either being influenced or to influence others.

That is where we are at…I think…

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