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Bite-Size Market Analysis and Price Prediction

  • What is Phantasia Sports ($FANT)?
  • What factors will lend to its success?
  • What is the $FANT token’s price prediction?
  • What are some risks involved?


In the article ‘100x to 1000x Moonshot Dream (Part 1)’, I speculated on the market opportunity for the $FANT token — Phantasia Sports’ utility cryptocurrency token.

I’m revisiting this project because of its high social potential. By high social potential, I mean its potential to capture crypto natives in the GameFi ecosystem and ordinary people far-removed from anything crypto.

I will explain further in the article why the project has a high social potential.

Phantasia Sports can easily onboard users outside crypto and Web3.

Phantasia seeks to leverage the benefits of Web3 to the fantasy sports market. The project leverages the Solana blockchain’s fast and low-cost transactions to remove the middle-man in fantasy sports altogether. As a result, participants do not have to pay high fees, are free to create their bespoke contests, and enjoy instant payouts.

The project abstracts away the blockchain and crypto aspects, enabling normal individuals to participate without knowing the existence of crypto, blockchain and Web3. This concept imbues the project with significant social potential as it can capture the interest of normal individuals with only a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Additionally, Phantasia Sports incorporates the social utility of NFTs into the fantasy sports market. NFTs will empower participants to create unique communities, customise their identities, and provide additional features.

The $FANT token is the project’s utility token, which enables users to participate in contests, earning the token for their successes. Phantasia’s $FANT token is essentially the in-game currency of its ecosystem.

Unlike many current blockchain applications, Phantasia doesn’t intend to shove crypto down the throats of its end users. The Phantasia team aims to make the platform as user-friendly as possible, with blockchain quietly powering the system in the background.

Phantasia Sports has a high social potential.

Phantasia Sports already has Android and iOS apps, which do not require users to intentionally create a crypto wallet, connect to any blockchain platform, buy cryptocurrencies or even know about cryptocurrencies.

The above concept is what gives the project a high social potential — the ability to onboard users who are not crypto-savvy but seek entertainment through real-world activities like sports, digital sports collectables, and friendly social competition.

A project that showed a high social potential was STEPN, which leveraged the Move2Earn narrative, integrating NFTs and crypto into real-world activities like walking and running. Besides crypto speculation, one of the main factors that led to its success was that the project abstracted away crypto and blockchain. Essentially, the project launched mobile apps, enabling everyday public participation from crypto non-natives.

Five main factors make a crypto project have high social potential. They are:

  • Offering the project through mobile apps (e.g. iOS and Android).
  • Obfuscating the underlying blockchain infrastructure.
  • Integrating easy fiat on-ramps.
  • Integrating real-world activities and entertainment (e.g. sports).
  • Its token must have utility other than governance.

The above factors can give crypto projects the required social momentum and social network effect to succeed.

In the next section, we will discuss potential price predictions, but first, a quick message.

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Phantasia Sports has more than 50X potential if it accomplishes vital milestones.

We will always use the fully diluted circulation of 250 million for the $FANT token for this analysis.

Additionally, we will take a static number of US$20 billion for the global fantasy sports market capitalisation. We’ve taken this number from Fantasy Sports Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth and Change by Research and Markets.

Note the following keys to understand the table below:

FDV (US$M): Fully diluted valuation of the $FANT token in millions of dollars if all the tokens are in circulation.

Price (US$): The price of a single $FANT token for the corresponding FDV.

% Of Fantasy Sports Market: This metric is the percentage of the global fantasy sports market that the Phantasia Sports project can capture.

If Phantasia Sports captures 1% of the global fantasy sports market of US$20 billion, it will have a market capitalisation of US$200 million. We will use this market share and exclude any price surge from crypto speculation.

At a US$200 million market capitalisation, the $FANT token will have a price point of US$0.80. At the time of writing, the token price is below US$0.01, suggesting an 80x price gain if the project captures the relevant market share.

Milestones are pointing towards potential success.

The bear market is where crypto projects go to die. Hence, paying attention to those projects that continue building during market downturns is essential. The Phantasia Sports team have continued building even in this current downturn.

VC firms have made a bad name in this past bull market by dumping tokens on retail investors and making 20x to more than 100x returns; regardless, VC-funded projects will have better cash runways, increasing their bear market survivability.

With the above in mind, Phantasia Sports raised US$1.8 million from Alameda Research, CMS, Sino Global Capital and many others.

Additionally, the project has completed a security audit by the cybersecurity firm Halborn.

Paid entry contests and token staking are now live.

Aaron Jones, Pro-Bowl Green Bay Running Quarter-Back, has his NFTs coming to Phantasia Sports.

Finally, Phantasia Sports seeks to also integrate leagues from more sporting types, including the English Premier League (soccer).

Market risks still exist despite the project’s potential.

Investing in crypto is always risky. Additionally, even promising projects can fail. Minding these factors, one must be careful in investing in such early-stage micro-cap projects.

Some of the risks that could invalidate my speculative thesis include:

  • The Solana blockchain fails.
  • The project infrastructure experiences a hack.
  • The project fails to capture even a tiny portion of the fantasy sports market.
  • The crypto bear market outlasts the project’s financial runway.
  • The crypto industry fails.

Disclaimer: This information presented in this article is not financial advice. What you choose to do with the information is solely your responsibility. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated and highly volatile assets, and a greater-than 100% capital loss is probable.

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