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Tok’n’talk is a social platform for token holders. You can read more about it here or here or just jump straight to the website.

We’re working on a feature that will reward discussion thread participants with the passive income of Ether or a particular ERC20 token. We try to establish an organic ecosystem, which motivates the community to engage with their projects more and puts the advertiser in a new role, which serves the community more than the platform.

Sponsorship is no longer just a system to enrich the platform. Members are now paid at the level of what they bring to the community.

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How does it work?

1. Start a discussion

Each discussion thread can be limited to people with particular tokens or economic actions. For example: ‘only OMG holders’, ‘only people that held Ethereum for more than X blocks’, ‘only people with siring Cryptokitties’, etc.

It ensures that every participant of the thread has the same motivations (holdings/actions) in addition to creating a good quality thread and receiving the reward. Better the quality of the thread now, bigger the payout later.

2. Receive the Ether or any ERC20

Whenever the sponsored place is bought, everyone receives Ether or tokens based on their activity and influence in the thread. Everyone can bid on the sponsored place, it’s a continuous auction, therefore a continuous payout for everyone.

3. Keep receiving

A valuable content posted early can guarantee a passive income till the end of Ethereum. The right to receive tokens is tradable, it opens a whole field of speculation about the importance of a particular thread.

Token-based ad targeting

The feature allows for token-based targeting. A publisher knows the interests of the participants of the thread: their token balances, previous transactions etc.

Participants will also react differently to the sponsored content, as the funds are used in their favor, not the platform.

We need your help

No setup, no verifications, no accounts creation. You can even post messages without a wallet and claim the reward later. We are doing our best to do it as user-friendly as possible.

That’s why we need your help and feedback.

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