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First we will first briefly discuss the “Starverse.” Startverse is focused on assisting people in creating the lives and businesses of their dreams and finding their soulmates in our metaverse. Players are allowed to do whatever they want in our metaverse, Startverse, which is likewise an open-ended universe. You have to achieve in your work and relationships in order to succeed in the metaverse. Like actual people, players must meet their needs in order to maintain a healthy balance between rest, food, work, and exercise. To make money, they will also need to look for employment or start their own business.


About Startverse’s marketplace, where users safely buy and sell their items, lands, buildings, and other NFTs to help them do missions, decorate their homes and build their company with a unique style. Same with other NFT games, our marketplace also allows users to exchange their NFTs, and lend /borrow NFTs from other players.

In this phase we will develop a marketplace portal that allows users to exchange NFTs, Stake tokens to earn benefits. Other NFT games are based on player’s greed, they allow users to decide the price of NFT by themselves, so there are low-level NFTs but the price is dozens of times higher than top-level NFTs in the marketplace. This leads to inflation and makes it harder for new players to access the game, also makes the market look like worthless objects…

That’s why we created Startverse’s Marketplace with the following features:

  • We will apply all trending actions in our metaverse by time and sell NFTs for each action in our metaverse: Shoes for move-to-earn, microphones for sing-to-earn,…
  • After users acquire NFTs, players can immediately use them in-game.
  • We don’t allow users to decide the price of NFT by themselves. The price of NFT will be automatically calculated by their features and levels. So if players want their NFTs to become more valuable, they need to spend time and effort in-game to upgrade their NFTs. When NFTs level is high enough and players want to get profit from it, they can exchange for others.


About the concept of Marketplace, we will have 3 categories for you to understand it more easily.

A. Staking: Users can buy tokens, then stake tokens to get benefits. The benefits of staking in our metaverse:

  • Get profit from the staked tokens
  • If you are in the top 100 people who stake the most tokens, you will hold the position of parliamentarian and will receive a daily salary.

B. Buy Box: Users can buy boxes and open them to get NFTs. The more expensive boxes, the more valuable NFTs you could get:

  • We will sell the boxes by events, not only sell one time.
  • Each time we only sell a limited number of boxes.

C. Marketplace: Users can exchange their NFTs in the marketplace:

  • All NFTs will be exchanged by users, we don’t intend to sell them.
  • The price of NFTs will be automatically calculated based on their features and level. If players want their NFTs to become more valuable, they need to spend time and effort in-game to upgrade their NFTs.

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