The hi Dollar Went 3x in Just Ten days | Is it Safe to buy it Now?

The hi Dollar was trading at $0.33 on 26th October, and as of 3rd November, it hit a high of 0.93, which is approximately 3x. So, is the hi dollar a good investment opportunity? Let's find out!

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hi, or comes out to be a Singapore based not-for-profit organisation striving to bring a financial revolution through its products. Further, Hi comes with an easy to sign-up and get started process and a professional team that knows what they're up to, as Hi was founded in early 2021 by Stefan Rust, former CEO of and Sean Rach, former CMO of

The hi dollar is the native token of the platform, which will be your key to unlocking various products and features of the hi ecosystem. Therefore, in this article, we'd try to figure out what the future holds for the Hi dollar as it is going to play a significant role in the platform's success.

Why does the hi dollar exist?

hi dollar is an ERC-20 based utility token that helps you interact with their various products. Further, investors HODLing hi dollars are entitled to UPTO 20% APY and get premium memberships of the below platforms:

Not just this, anyone who signs up on hi is entitled to claim 1 hi dollar every day. However, these funds would be locked for one year, and you'll only be able to withdraw after successfully completing identity verification.

The hi Dollar Statistics

As per the hi team, the present circulating supply of the hi dollars is 580,396,604 hi, and the current market cap is $528,241,706. Further, as per the data at Coinmarketcap, the total number of addresses holding the hi dollars is constantly rising over time, showcasing a decent interest of investors.

However, approximately 99% of the total hi dollars in circulation are held by top 10 wallet addresses. This can eventually imply that the token is still in its early days of adoption and might turn out to be a good opportunity for early adopters.

hi Dollar Technical Analysis

Looking at the chart below, we can see that the trading volume is high compared to its previous highs. Further, the hi dollar successfully pumped from the bottom and broke all the resistances on the way with a significant volume. However, as of now, it is in a strong resistance zone, i.e., 0.91 to 0.95, which, if it breaks, might lead to the continuation of its bullish trend and new All-Time Highs.

Should you invest in the hi dollar?

Moving with the technical analysis above, it is clear that the hi dollar can go a long way (**even UPTO $10) if it is able to break through the strong resistance zone with decent adoption and high volume. Further, by listing the hi dollar on PancakeSwap, the platform already did boost the token.

Moreover, it is not yet listed on centralised exchanges, which provides it great early adoption opportunities. I hope you guys realise what happens once a coin is listed on any centralised exchange? It pumps hard; in case you forgot, 1inch just got listed on Upbit and pumped to $7.72 from about $3.7 (yes, more than 100% in a single day). Further, we can see its adoption from the project's rapid growth; as it is with over 1.6 million members in just six months of its launch.

It's Not Over Yet

Yes, this is not it; in case you're still sceptical about owning the hi dollars, you can just be a part of the community by Signing up through your Whatsapp or Telegram and EARN FREE $1 every day. This can turn out to be an excellent opportunity for lower capital traders to accumulate coins at their early stage. All you have to do is sign-up on the platform and connect either of your social accounts.

Closing Thoughts

So summing it all up, hi dollar is in its initial stages and has not yet been listed on any of the centralised exchanges. Further, has an extensive community and gives free hi Dollars to anyone who interacts with the platform. And, finally, looking at the technical indicators, it seems we can see a decent rally once it breaks out the strong resistance zone with significant volume. Hence, as of now, you can invest in Hi dollars on PancakeSwap or Uniswap and be an early adopter. Moreover, if you need free hi dollars, just sign-up using any of your social channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the price of the hi Dollar increase?

As of the technical analysis in the article above, if the market breaks over the high resistance zone between $0.91 and $0.95 with a high volume, then yes, we can see a significant increase in the price of Hi dollar.

Why is the price of the hi dollar rising?

Recently, hi dollar was listed on PancakeSwap, paving a path for a larger investor audience to invest in it. Further, the number of addresses holding hi dollars has also been rising over time, indicating that investors are being bullish in the longer term.

What is the price prediction for the hi dollar in 2021?

With the increasingly bullish sentiment of crypto investors, the bitcoin market cycle might be nearing its end, and with it, we are definitely going to see new highs in other coins as well. And as of hi dollars, we can expect to see another 5x to 10x from its price in October 2021.

Should I buy hi Dollars?

Now the answer to this question will ultimately depend on your risk appetite. You can go through the analysis in the above article and also Do Your Own Research, and then, if hi Dollars seem a good investment opportunity to you, go for it!

Nothing in this article is financial advice, and you should only invest in the market you believe is suitable for your portfolio.

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