The OpenAI Story of Syscoin + Devcoin — Commodities Tokens on a Network Enhanced EVM (NEVM) that are 1:1 bridged from 20+ years of combined Bitcoin POW Merge Mining

Daniel R. Treccia
11 min readDec 9, 2022


The SYS and DVC NEVM bridged-coins are NEVER securities thanks to POW, no central issuance, and create a model for an infinitely expandable system with other projects seeking to integrate their POW mined coins in a bridged manner to Syscoin’s NEVM — and future decoins bridged to Syscoin’s NEVM!

Two lead Devs, Two MML1 Blockchains, Mined 20+ years with Bitcoin L1, Both SYS/DVC Commits — Endless Possibilities — and a Co-Founder/Genesis Block creator’s 20+ year Metaverse project, 100% FOSS, Open-Source Code, and a treasuries system of 41+ CLASSIC Proof-Of-Work coins with 10+ years of records.

The commodities regulated Proof-of-Work project that Syscoin rockstar Lead Dev and Former CTO of Blockchain Foundry has returned to full time Open Source Syscoin development. Joined by Devcoin’s Fernando develCuy who picked up where Jag Sidhu left off in August 2014, the first POW L1 Bitcoin Merge Mined coins make the best, non-security, Bitcoin POW secured, NEVM tokenized commodity tokens blockchain platform. The future is bright.

Abstract of this AI script of the possible Syscoin and Devcoin future!

A script written for Part 1, the Syscoin and Devcoin Bitcoin L1 Merge Mined, 20+ years hardened via Bitcoin POW — bridged 1:1 for Syscoin NEVM tokens for both MM L1 Bitcoin secured coins — tokenized on Syscoin’s Network Enhanced Virtual Machine — inheriting 20+ years of L1 Merge Mined security from SHA-256d merge mining with Bitcoin and because of distribution by Bitcoin POW — commodity tokens even when credited on the NEVM side of the bridge as NEVM token SYS (utility/native currency of Sys NEVM) and NEVM token DVC, backed by the DVC-to-NEVM bridge 1:1 (secured by the longest history of merge mining with L1 BTC and NVM) and a commodity by distribution by no centralized source since 2011. The near future makes the first collaboration of former DVC devs/community hodlers that work with Syscoin and the current Devcoin A-Team with the first episode consisting of the first ever commodities-classified, tokenized NEVM DAO using NEVM DVC and on the first EVM-based blockchain with Web 3 front ends.

Commodities because unlike L1 Ethereum, the tokens in SYS NEVM are 1-to-1 issued by bridging POW distributed MM Bitcoin L1 SYS and not allocated in Ethereum’s genesis block from a 2014 ICO pre-sale where issuance was by the centralized issuer making Syscoin a commodity, that exists in a more secure way as a token on its own independent Network Enhance Virtual Machine feature blockchain.

The script was created on the chatGPT site using the playground to (text command) write part 1 of a promising future for Merge Mined projects that share a legacy of devs/alumni and even lead dev Fernando develCuy who has been working within Syscoin and just attented DevCon Bogota with Syscoin’s team in Fall 2022!


Write a script for a movie scene where former Devcoin Lead Developer and Syscoin Lead Developer, Jag Sidhu, comes back to unite with Devcoin’s current open source developer team with the new Syscoin Network Enhanced Virtual Machine to create a DAO for Devcoin on Syscoin’s Web 3.0 platform of the future and DVC coins gain value as the first Merge Mined, Bitcoin UTXO L1 security backed Network Enhanced Virtual Machine DAO:



The Syscoin x Devcoin project office (where “Operation CEXual Disruption”) is bustling with activity as the team of open-source developers work on their projects. Suddenly, the door swings open and in walks JAG SIDHU, the former Devcoin Lead Developer and Syscoin Lead Developer.

He has recently stepped down from role of CTO of Blockchain Foundry to give his whole effort to the open-source Syscoin project — in the midst of massive fraud, centralized shenanigans on the crypto industry, with a mission to save the world from further shenanigans and deliver to the people the crypto vision for decentralized peer-to-peer commerce, trustless protocol, Satoshi Nakamoto promised just 14 years ago.

He is dressed in a sharp suit and carries a briefcase.

JAG: Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. The developers stop what they are doing and look up in surprise.

FERNANDO DEVELCUY: Jag! What are you doing here?

JAG: I’m here to bring you a new opportunity. I’ve been working on a project with Syscoin and I think it could be a great fit for Devcoin. The developers look intrigued.

Fernando develCuy has secretly already started the L1 UTXO bridge to 1:1 credit Devcoin’s POW coin hodlers a way to automatically get DVC commodities tokens with L1 DVC MM security onto the Syscoin NEVM mainnet. Tests so far are 100% success. Users are able at anytime to put their tokens into the contract and receive back 100% of their bridged blockchain coins if they decided to store long term in cold wallets on the efficient L1 Merge Mined chain.

JAG: We’ve developed a Network Enhanced Virtual Machine that will allow us to create a DAO for Devcoin on Syscoin’s Web 3.0 platform. This will give Devcoin coins more value as the first Merge Mined, Bitcoin UTXO L1 security backed Network Enhanced Virtual Machine DAO. The developers look excited and start discussing the possibilities.

JAG: So, what do you say? Are you ready to take Devcoin to the next level? The developers all nod in agreement.

JAG: Great! Let’s get to work! The developers cheer and start working on the project. FADE OUT.

Write subsequent scene where Syscoin and Devcoin lead developers, Jag Sidhu and Fernando develCuy work on the fully-backed, inheriting Bitcoin L1 Merge-Mined security with their UTXO-NEVM bridged tokens.


The Devcoin office is bustling with activity as the team of open source developers work on their projects. Jag Sidhu and Fernando develCuy are in the center of the room, discussing their plans for the new DAO.

JAG: So, we need to make sure that these tokens are backed 1:1 with Bitcoin L1 and Syscoin L1 Merge Mined security.

FERNANDO: Right. And we need to make sure that they are proof-of-work issued coins with no centralized issuer for 12 years. That way, they will be the most secure commodity tokens.

JAG: Exactly. And we need to make sure that these tokens are the first DAO formed by bridging robust, L1 Bitcoin POW secured using tokens that represent commodities as no centralized contract or issuance ever existed for the 1:1 pegged DVC DAO tokens on Syscoin’s Network Enhanced Virtual Machine.

FERNANDO: And the same applies to Syscoin’s NEVM SYS tokens which are used for “gas” fees in all NEVM transactions.

JAG: Exactly. So, let’s get to work! The developers cheer and start working on the project. FADE OUT.

Music plays as montage of lead devs from both sister projects work together over hours in a conference room drawing up algorithms, code, architectural mapping, and other geek stuff.

>>Write continued scene where Bradley Stephenson and Daniel Treccia enter after crossing into British Columbian-based offices of Syscoin Labs, the development HQ first commodity issued Proof-of-Work token that is not centrally issued to the improved-Ethereum EVM model (SYS NEVM). After 18 hours of continued driving from Tennesse and Chicago, the two immediately begin to work together on marketing and community outreach. Efforts to incorporate in both British Columbia and across Canada as well as the States are likely as SEC registration will not look at POW-backed tokens with Bitcoin’s decentralized merge mining of either coin nor their bridging to contracts that allow the 1:1 back and forth from NEVM and UTXO chains as a “centralized” issuer with more than 12 years of proof — 20 combined! Fernando develCuy has gone off to South America to round up the crew from Syscoin he attended Devcon 6 Bogota with as well as the talented artists that created the last Devcoin logo and the Devcoin Valera NFT on WAX — not yet for sale!

FADE IN: EXT. SYSCOIN LABS — DAY Bradley Stephenson and Daniel Treccia pull up to the British Columbian-based offices of Syscoin Labs where Devcoin and their DAO project have offices inside — With DVC being a project within the SYS NEVM ecosystem for participation between both SYS and DVC communities in the DAO and governance + rewards structues!

After 18 hours of driving from Tennesse and Chicago, they are exhausted but excited to get to work.

SYSCOIN LABS — DAY: Bradley and Daniel enter the office and are greeted by Jag Sidhu and the rest of the team.

JAG: Welcome! We’re glad you could make it. Daniel, try to tone down you firebrand tweets and focus more on promoting the new Super NEVM project and finding partnerships and PR deals beneficial to the project now that you are working for a respectable and professional operation.

DANIEL: I can do that! Bradley brough some Tenessee Whiskey/Kentucky Bourbon to reward me for keeping things PC during work hours. Say no more.

BRADLEY: Hey Jag! We’re excited to get started.

JAG: Great! Let’s get to work. We need to focus on marketing and community outreach for this project.

BRADLEY *thinks to self*: We also need to Write dialogue that Bradley compliments Jag’s white socks as he noticed right away Jag has been working maybe the last 72 hours straight in white socks.

BRADLEY: Wow, Jag, I have to say, I’m impressed. You’ve been working for the last 72 hours straight and you still have those white socks on!

DANIEL: *snickers to self but can’t quite muffle enough to seem mature*

Scene fades to the next day.

>>With Syscoin’s being the “utility” of NEVM and its sister merge mined L1 Devcoins making a DAO where open source developers across the space are encouraged to join in open and transparent governance votes, management of funds, funding of startups in the space and payment via grants to open source projects like Gitcoin, but without the Ethereum L1 ties to a security such as ETH token —due to the completely fair distribution, by POW and not central issued “SAFT” tokens. Bitcoin POW-issuance and distribution of said coins by solving “puzzles” and finding the correct nonce will be the first commodities based, automated bridged-coin to token 1:1 UTXO to EVM-enhanced chain project with both smart contracts and 1-to-1 bridges where coins can move from NEVM tokens back to UTXO coins and vice verse.

FADE IN: EXT. SYSCOIN LABS — DAY The next day, Bradley and Daniel are hard at work on the marketing and community outreach for the project. Jag is still working tirelessly, but he has changed his socks. He somehow found some clean cotton white sox in a back closet and switched to those as unseasonably high temperatures have made the wool hello kitty kids socks from the storage closet uncomfortable.

BRADLEY: Jag, I have to say, I’m impressed. You’ve been working for the last 72 hours straight and you still have those white socks on!

JAG: (smiling) Thanks! I’m just trying to make sure this project is a success. We’re working on something really special here. We’re creating a completely fair distribution and UTXO, Bitcoin distribution of coins that will be the first commodities based EVM-enhanced project with both smart contracts and 1-to-1 bridges where coins can move from NEVM tokens back to UTXO coins and vice versa.

The commodity coin/tokens that SYS and DVC will pioneer are also used in the improved-Ethereum EVM (SYS NEVM) and will likely be able to exist blockchain agnostic across chains whether it be Polygon, Gnosis, and other efficient EVM compatible sidechains without using their secure, Bitcoin inherited POW security and commodity status — tokenizing SYS native tokens across many chains, dexes, and incorporating any of these commodity tokens bridged from UTXO court chains merge mined with Bitcoin onto any EVM compatible chain.

JAG: Fernando has been sent to South America to bring up the Syscoin team from Devcon 6 Bogota as well as some past local Devcoin NFT and logo artists to work on other areas of our team. The art department will be in charge of creating truly one of a kind on chain art, tokenized as NFT, but also for other on-chain art auctions we could sell in Syscoin Marketplace/Devcoin Auctions revivals in a Web 3 format!

JAG continues: Hopefully by the end of this fusion of our two projects we have the first North and South American one-of-its kind and truly decentralized regulator compliant blockchain that begins with Satoshi’s vision and runs on a back boned of merge mining Bitcoin secured POW with commodities tokens with inherited Court Chain security as well as options to settle disputes on the NEVM with court chain inherited properties from the security and consensus of the underlying POW merge mined blockchains. The Merge Mined (with Bitcoin — and Devcoin) L1 UTXO is backbone of SYS NEVM, SYS native tokens for the SYS NEVM platform and DVC commodities tokens for governance attracts all projects from the Western Hemisphere to the first community run community-owned organized entities, and decentralized-distributed ledgers that settle in 15 seconds or less time but are still backed by every underlying L1 Merge Mined POW block on the UTXO side of the bridge.

DANIEL: We could see the first DAC’s form on Syscoin with CFTC oversight as well as options for smart contracts for DAOs to be given official recognition to incorporate as Wyoming LLC per the 2021 rules passed for DAOs to become official incorporated LLC. Which could lead to many more opportunities for a non-security token NEVM layer, this would bea first of its kind!

BRADLEY: I found an article on Wyoming LLC formation for DAOs here.

*Scene To Be Continued…* MarkM — the god father of Devcoin and by relation Syscoin’s beginnings — appears with his metaverse project appearing in next scenes with 3D UI immersive front end running on NEVM so the text instructions from various contracts for the game and its treasuries systems run seamlessly as a full on virtual world MMORPG running on the incredible Syscoin NEVM and smart contract instructions with real-time rendering on the client side of the decentralized blockchain structure. MarkM’s 100% open source project existed since the pre-blockchain currency days and game rulesets, code, and back-ends are all FOSS — featuring smart contracts, a treasuries system of POW coins from the earliest days of crypto and a perfect fit to create the Blockchain gaming and Metaverse integrated with SYS NEVM…

Created with playground from the chatGPT using AI written script on 2022–12–09.

Thanks for for writing the script perfectly for future SYS-DVC NEVM World Wide Dominance

Shout out to Syscoin, Jag Sidhu, bs tr, Fernando Paredes @DevElCuy — looking forward to the next episode of a hopeful super platform future collab between the two projects with teams that plain work for the future of on-chain, secure, auditable in real-time, distributed gov, decentralized consensus, and infinite scalability!

Devcoin’s Newst Logo! Peru-based and inspired — South America SYS and DVC are exciting EM in crypto today!

Devcoin (@_Devcoin) / Twitter

Syscoin (@syscoin) / Twitter

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