🍂 CoinSnacks Fall 2018 Recap

Dec 5, 2018 · 6 min read

Over the last few months (September — November), the crypto space has matched the challenging bear market narrative we’ve witnessed all year long.

But if you thought it was bad three months ago, think again…

Since our Summer Recap, Bitcoin’s (BTC) market cap has fallen an exhausting 44%, marking a price slump of ~80% year-to-date.

From battling in the trenches, to bear crawling into no man’s land, the bitcoin bulls have been awfully quiet as of late.

How we’re all feeling right now

Asset issuers and developing crypto projects are scraping for demand… exchange volumes are low… regulators are sharpening their knives… and most retail investors (like you and I) have, for the most part, stopped buying.

It’s not all bad news though…

If you’ve been reading our weekly letters, you know these market “fears” are nothing new and that crypto is far from dead…

But if you’re not convinced, just take a look for yourself…

The following post aims to offer a one stop shop for everything that went down inside the active crypto community over the past quarter.

In the midst of all the crypto conundrum, we’ve still been proactively following our weekly routine of delivering thought-provoking and digestible cryptoasset news and updates straight to your inbox every Wednesday. (If you have yet to subscribe, just click here to join the others)

So put on your ugly christmas sweaters, find some warm coffee, and jingle your way through our favorite fall soundbites as that last leaf drops.

Fall 2018 Top Influencers

Last but not least, here are our top influencers from Fall 2018. Every week, the following names have continuously kept this bear market intriguing, interesting and entertaining to say the least. Most importantly, theses folks provide CLARITY.

Do yourself a favor and give each one a follow if you haven’t already!

(For our previous crafted list of influencers, click here)

A Shout Out To Our Sponsors

Oh, and a quick thank you to our sponsors! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we love. For sponsorship inquiries, reach out to us anytime!

Going forward, our mission here at CoinSnacks remains the same: Help readers dig through the noise by providing weekly batches of curated (and digestible) good reads worth sharing.

As a token of gratitude, we wanted to thank our subscribers who’s been a part of this journey. You are helping us raise the tide of crypto week by week.

Below are our own highlights from Fall 2018:

  • Added 496 newsletter subscribers (⬆4% increase)
  • Gained 385 Twitter followers (⬆32% increase! 😯)

“The hard work is happening, but it takes time. And growth is rarely neat or linear. While today’s value capture feels like an evolution of capital markets, the crypto revolution will continue to experiment and push boundaries.”

- Meltem Demirors

Thanks for subscribing and stay tuned!

The CoinSnacks Team


📌 A free weekly newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and traders


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📌 A free weekly newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and traders


📌 A free weekly newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and traders

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