What Brands Can Learn From Movie Trailers

The action packed opening 10 seconds of the new Independence Day trailer

If you work in media today, you are fully aware of the dilemma that social video and short attention spans create. How can you communicate your core idea, integrate branding, and achieve the thumb-stopping power necessary to do so within the first few seconds, all without sound?

Don’t Bury the Lead

That’s exactly the problem movie trailers are facing, and facing up to at the moment. Their solution? A 5–10 second action packed teaser of sorts as a lead in to the full trailer.

CUT TO: A Slowly Rotating Fan Above Jason Bourne, Who Lies Motionless in Bed

How Can This Help Brands?

While we don’t always have the action packed footage or new release type hype that surrounds a film to work with, the principle is universal. Similar to a presentation, if you want to hook your audience, then tell them first what you are going to tell them.

While this certainly isn’t necessary for short-form social content, it could prove to be a valuable tool for long-form on social, especially as VTR is so low, and audio is a forgotten sense. With quick lead-ins that communicate branding and give a general sense for the story, it takes the pressure off of the full content to deliver X% VTR.

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