What Does Today’s News About HOGE Mean?

And can it 50x again to reach $0.01+?

Jesse J Rogers
Compounding Interest Podcast
6 min readMar 20, 2021


I need to begin with a word of gratitude to the readers who supported and spread my all-time most viral article so far: Is HOGE Coin Legit?

I’m writing this follow-up to answer the many questions I’ve been getting (thank you all for your emails!! Send to as well as to give some possible price projections after the latest news release.

Here it is.

Registration and creation of a new legal entity for $HOGE in France.

HOGE is pleased to announce the latest development in the crypto space: Hoge Finance (the "Company"), the legal entity for HOGE, is being created and registered in France.

The creation of HOGE Finance creates a legal structure for the meme-powered cryptocurrency, which will allow HOGE to begin signing contracts, acquiring sponsors, and entering official partnerships. Developers believe this step will bring HOGE into the wider global marketplace and continue building its user base.

The newly minted Company will be headquarted at 15 rue des Halles Paris in Paris, France and HOGE co-founder Anthony, a.k.a Marp All, will serve as Chairman. The Company will manage the global operations of the $HOGE cryptocurrency.

According to Anthony, the new Company will also provide HOGE with an organizational structure that allows official decisions to be made regarding it’s future projects, which will foster increased transparency and trust with the community going forward. So far HOGE’s actions have all been decentralized communal actions. The HOGE Core consists of the founders and developers of the HOGE cryptocurrency.

In addition, the HOGE team is pleased to announce that Dr. Olivier Hance, Ph.D., MBA, TEP, Esq., has been brought on board to assist the team in legal matters. Dr. Hance shall advise HOGE Finance, the DAO minded company created to manage the community. Prof. Dr Olivier Hance is a well known international lawyer specialised in cryptocurrency, tokenisation and ICOs. He holds both a Masters and Ph.D in Law, an MBA, and other diplomas related to international business…