How I Work


My Values

  • Big Rocks: God, Spouse, My Children, Work, Neighbors, Community, Country
  • Help the starfishes. I want to make impact in the world — probably not by curing hunger, but definitely by helping someone who otherwise wouldn’t get it. That’s what was done for me, and I will repeat that as often as I can for as long as I can.
  • I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep #
  • I will relentlessly and continuously fight for the underdog and the underserved. The marginalized and the under appreciated. The widows and the fatherless.
  • If I am not the man in the arena, then shut the hell up and work harder.

My Style

  • ENFP-A — Campaigner
  • My Role: Diplomat
  • Strategy for working with me: People Mastery
  • I have also been an ENFJ, scaling that way (more judging than prospecting) when I have been in management or other leadership roles requiring quicker decisions and (unfortunately) less long-term thinking.
  • I never win alone. You will probably never see me take credit for something even if I completely crushed it. Good or bad, that’s how I roll. I’m way more interested in getting the results than getting the credit.
  • Helping you win helps me win.
  • I am always listening to learn something. There are a few things I am probably an expert in, but I have no idea of your background or experience and I am supremely interested in your viewpoint, often without ever expressing my own.
  • I will almost never repeat a process without relentlessly scrutinizing ways to do be more efficient or effective in the intended result.
  • If the WHY is clear, the HOW becomes easy.
  • Test everything. Iterate always. Keep focused on the result and measure your progress.
  • I try to write a lot. I am probably thinking about a lot of unwritten things right now.
  • Connection with People > Accomplishments or Things

What I Commit to You

  • I will do everything I can to bring your name to the light whenever I can and I am completely fine letting the loud applause go to you while I move on to the next problem to solve.
  • I will never put you at a disadvantage in exchange for my own gain.
  • I will always make time to listen if you need it.
  • I am always iterating. If you don’t think what I’m doing now is working, please say something. I am probably frustrated about it, too. I’ll listen to your input

What I Expect From You

  • Call me out. Neither of us can accomplish what we must if either of us is sacrificing accountability for convenience or to be “nice”. The best thing you can do for me is call me out on my mistakes. Quick, plain and show me what you’d recommend instead.
  • Work hard. I optimize against talk whenever I can. Please, more action * 1000.
  • Work smart. Iterate all the things. If you’re not feeling you’re improving, and you think I Can help, please ask.
  • You probably have the answer inside you already. I will help you draw it out, if I can.

How You Can Help Me Develop

  • Ask me to open up. I am too closed off at times and naturally revert to my introvert.
  • I think deeply about small nuances at times. If they aren’t serving the overall goal, call me out on it so I can resume the bigger picture.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to ping if you’re waiting on me for action. I will never be offended at a reminder.
  • I often take on more than makes sense. Therefore, priorities juggling is occasionally a challenge. Level set me on your expectations if you should ever see things slide.
  • Help me set expectations correctly. I want to live with integrity everywhere. If you’re not seeing that, please call me out on it.
  • Help me talk more openly about things. I often sit back and listen too long. I have things I Want to say but might need a few minutes to marinate on them. Help me speak up.

Communicating With Me

  • Descending order of priority (and quickness of reply)
  • Text then call me (to be sure I am not on the phone): 801–228–0529
  • Slack DMs are the greatest.
  • Hangouts
  • Email
  • Google Docs comments are incredible for threading ideas and reminding of action items. Use liberally.

## About this document:

I was challenged by Sander Daniels to write this document. And it has been one of the most personally transformative things I have done. Baring it publicly for people to see feels crazy and insane and absolutely too intimate. But it helps me to have it out there. For all of you that I may have the pleasure of working with, please… use liberally and handle with care.

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