Frauke Petry holding her newborn son in the AfD’s latest election campaign poster

The Sensational New Campaign from the AfD

Frauke Petry Appears with Her Beautiful Baby

When the globalist and media howl, you know someone’s doing something right. The head of the AfD just appeared in a campaign poster with her newborn son emphasizing the Alternative for Germany’s family friendly policies. And drawing a line under the differences between her and the many childless leaders of Europe, particularly Merkel.

And the differences couldn’t be clearer. Merkel is another career politician with no children, Petry is entrepreneur who just had her fifth child.

The campaign poster asks people, why are they willing to fight for Germany? And while people may have their individual reasons, the question is fair on every level. With the decline in births among native Europeans, and the reckless immigration policies of the current crop of childless leaders in Europe, we need change for both our survival and prosperity.

And in Germany, no one besides the AfD is willing to talk about it.

Among others, Spiegel didn’t like the new campaign poster, and went to lengths to say that others didn’t like it either. The reality is that it’s brilliant and gutsy because it focuses on one of the most important and under-discussed issues in the Western world today: the population decline of native Europeans.

As we wrote after the election of Macron in France, Get Used to Saying it Loud and Often — No Children, No Stake in Our Future, No Place in Political Leadership.

Because it really isn’t just Merkel. A grossly disproportionate number of the people making serious decisions about Europe’s future have no direct child’s interests at stake in that future. With the recent election of the childless Leo Varadkar in Ireland and Macron in France, the number of childless leaders in Europe has soared:

British prime minister Theresa May has no children; Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children; Holland’s prime minister Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, and Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon — all have no children.

The list goes on … Latvia’s childless president is Raimonds Vējonis, Lithuania’s childless president is Dalia Grybauskaitė, and Romania’s childless president is Klaus Werner Iohannis. And, Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission too, has no children.

For anyone in politics there is a sacrifice involved with being in politics — all the more so with a party like the AfD that is willing to break the PC taboos of the German left and talk about family and immigration. You can talk much more openly about these issues in the United States or Denmark or Austria. Unfortunately, in this respect Germany is very much behind the curve.

There’s a lot to like about the AfD. That Spiegel and the rest of the MSM continue to criticize Petry and the AfD for putting German families at the forefront only shows how out of touch they are.

The current German birth rate is less than 1.45 per woman. Definitely time for some policy changes.

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