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From Medium to Book Deal in 12 Months

Sarah Cooper
Sep 20, 2016 · 11 min read
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  • It was generic enough so I could write about things other than corporate humor
  • The URL was available
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Leaving My Job

Even with the success of my article and the growing popularity of my new blog, the decision to leave Google was hard. My fiance, my friends, my family, even my therapist, thought I should stay. The hardest thing about leaving was that I wasn’t unhappy. I loved my team, my role and going into work with my fiance everyday (that’s where we met, cue aww’s). I also wasn’t sure I was ready yet, considering all I had going was one viral post and a few hundred website visitors.

  • I wasn’t growing my audience fast enough
  • I’d agonize over each new thing I’d publish
  • I’d agonize over each person who unliked my Facebook page or unsubscribed from my email list
  • I had no idea how I was going to sustain this
  • I was assuming I’d be back at Google in 6 months (which, honestly, wouldn’t have been the worst thing)

Attracting a Publisher

A few months after leaving Google, I was cobbling together a publishing schedule and learning things like:

Finding a Literary Agent

Two things will make it easier for you to find a literary agent:

  • An established audience
  • Develop your brand and your voice
  • Get interest from a publisher
  • Ask friends and family for agent contacts
  • With those potential agents, share your idea, the publishers who are already interested and the size of your audience (a mini-proposal)
  • Find someone you connect with, who is a fan of the book and you

The Book Proposal

Susan sent me several book proposals as examples which helped me get started. I shared with her the idea of doing an entire book on meetings and she loved it. So the idea went from “Conquering Corporate America” to “100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” and I began work on the proposal.

  • Long-term I want to write more humor, but not necessarily more business humor, so I felt that going with a humor publisher would help with that.
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Publishing Your First Book

On October 4th, 2016, my first two books will be published and it is exciting and terrifying.

  • Share your writing
  • Build your audience

The Cooper Review

Funny Because It’s True

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