Consensus Update #3 — Sentient Desktop Wallet Updates and DAIA

Mar 3 · 4 min read

The Consensus team have been busy! New releases aimed at later this month, Q1 and Q2 are under development at the application and network level, as well as new partnerships and finalizing our first pilot-projects.

These developments and upgrades are adding to the overall build for our state of the art government application. The central theme for implementation is to amalgamate the use and design of the Sentient Desktop Wallet, Sentient Mobile App (new), Customer Portal and Admin Portal Server to harmonise the flow of communication between governments and citizens.

We expect a pilot launch later in the year and are discussing with interested governments on how we best implement the infrastructure to work for them and their citizens. In future updates, we plan on releasing more details. It indeed is an exciting time for Consensus and our growing team!

Sentient Desktop Wallet v1.0.3 Release

The next version of Sentient Desktop Wallet now includes a significant upgrade. The new Intensity Slider found within the desktop application now hands control back to the miner. By adjusting the slider from 0–28, Sentient users can increase or decrease efficiency to allow their machines to use more or fewer resources. Throughout our testing, we have been able to see vast improvements (for Windows machines in particular) because of this implementation.

Part of this important upgrade has been the automation of version checking and updating of the application itself. This will becoming a very important feature as upgrades to the network begin rolling out later this year. Part of the improvement now includes a proper MacOS, Linux and Windows Installer (using DMG, .AppImage, and MSI files respectively) which should address any installation issues we’ve seen in the past.

We recommend you check to see if you have the latest version installed. You can do this by clicking the link here or going to the 'About' tab and clicking the 'Check for update’ button.

Sentient Mobile App

We’ve completed design and begun development of the Sentient Mobile App. The app will include a SEN wallet as well as initial tools for contributing data to to government organizations. The reason we are building the app is to provide governments and citizens with a way of engaging with each other during pilot projects. In future updates, we will share the app design. But for now, all we can tell you is we are aiming to include DLP voting so it’s ready for the mainnet launch.

Customer Portal and Admin Portal Server

Within the Sentient Mobile App, we are developing an application for providing a better analysis for Governments. Through the app, citizens will be able to share their feedback on current issues, projects, infrastructure and other subjects surrounding voting. By doing so, each contributor will receive an incentivised amount of SEN for their contribution based on the complexity of the task. SEN will then be able to be spent in a variety of ways.

As Nuno Silva, CPO of Consensus AI says;

“The process of building the Sentient Mobile App strengthens the notion that people want to engage with the government and governments want to listen”.

On the Radar for Consensus

  • Pilot projects aiming for launch later this year.
  • Building the Sentient Mobile App to allow citizens to interact with government.
  • Focusing on both Android and Apple builds for the Sentient Mobile App.
  • Planning on releasing the mining pool software and documentation for third parties to allow these external pool operators to add to SEN to their existing multi-coin pools.
  • Possible integration of bug bounties for developers as we ask more developers to contribute to the project.
  • Growth of the Consensus team.

“Consensus is operating at the intersection of bleeding edge technologies and the real world applications that will allow our population to make the transition into future stable states. It’s a big goal, with lots of hard problems to solve, it’s not for everyone, but for many people it’s exactly the kind of work they’re happy to wrestle with everyday”- Dustin Plett, Chief Strategy Officer of Consensus AI

Consensus AI joins the Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Alliance (DAIA).

Last month, Consensus announced its alliance with DAIA. Dustin Plett, Chief Strategy Officer of Consensus AI, said the following:

“It’s important the community of people working on pushing AI solutions forward are aware of what others are working on. This community is growing and knowing where we can partner and support each other accelerates the whole industry.

Consensus AI believes our successful long term collective co-existence is going to be thanks to the use of artificial intelligence to help officials make rapid and accurate decisions and help the citizens of the world understand those decisions, and each other.”

There was much praise from the industry, including from Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics.

We hope you are enjoying reading our updates. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Consensus join in the discussion on our Telegram Community. Also, over the next few months stay tuned as we announce some conferences we plan on attending, plus some exciting partnerships.

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