Table of Contents

Content Curation Official Guide

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Curation for Marketing

Curation for Search

Curation and Culture

Content Curation & Cultural Heritage
The social value of selecting and organizing existing content


Curation Tools

  • Top Tools
  • Basic Feature Checklist for Curation Tools
  • Advanced Feature Checklist for Curation Tools

Future of Curation


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Hi, I am Robin Good and I am working on a book that I am tentatively titling Content Curation Official Guide.

I am writing this book to help anyone interested in learning what content curation is, what benefits it can bring to those using it, and which are the skills, the steps and the tools needed to practice it.

I have chosen to publicly share with you, the contents that I will be writing in this book, as you are the person I am writing this book for, and you better than anyone else can provide valuable insights and critique on how to improve the contents of this book to make an invaluable resource for you.

The first thing I am sharing here below is the draft of my table of contents with the objective of getting as much feedback and comments on its structure and contents.

Feel free to share your critique, suggestions and ideas as this is exactly what I am looking for.

Tentative titles for the book:

  • You are the new Google
  • Become the New Google
  • Content Curation Official Guide

Who is this book for:

  • Journalists, bloggers, independent publishers
  • Educators, professors, teachers
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Trainers, guides, coaches
  • Content marketers

Would you like to see other issues and topics covered in this upcoming book?

Do suggest what you see missing or lacking.

I am very much interested in receiving critical feedback and suggestions.
It is the best present you can give me.

Robin Good