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The Contently Foundation exists primarily to nurture the craft of investigative journalism. We aim to teach rising journalists how to report and write stories. Learn more at Contently.org.
Note from the editor

The Contently Foundation, Inc. was formed for the purpose of inspiring, educating and supporting professional and aspiring journalists, and providing them with the financial resources necessary to produce and distribute stories of impact. Journalists are in a unique position to give a voice to the voiceless and, we therefore endeavor to educate and empower journalists on how to best make the voices of the disadvantaged and marginalized heard. We are committing to sharing their stories around the world. We publish long-form journalism in the public interest. We also teach rising journalists how to report and write stories that focus on the exploitation of the weak by the strong, and instill the values of factual reporting and journalism in the public service. We join forces with other likeminded organizations to enforce transparency and accountability from the government and other powerful institutions. Our goal is to enable and support great journalists and great journalism in order to make a positive difference in the world. Board of Directors: Sam Slaughter, Shane Snow, Julie Ehrlich, Brad Hamilton. Learn more: Contently.org.

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