Say Hello to our Office Manager Fran

Anything you need our Fran will fix it✨

If you’re in need of quirky ideas, medicine or even a quick eyebrow wax, our Office Manager Fran Brindle has got it covered.

I know everyone here at Cooperpress will agree that there is no better way to start the day than a cup of tea from Fran. ☕️

Before starting as a project manager with us at Cooperpress, Fran was self-employed running her own salon ‘Sitting Pretty’. Between that and volunteering at the local theatre, Fran’s diary was kept full and she picked up many valuable skills which she has brought along to us.

Originally hired to focus on administration and as Peter’s assistant, Fran quickly flew through tasks and quickly earned herself the role of Office Manager, making sure that the office runs smoothly for the rest of us.

Fran has excelled at keeping us all on our toes and reminding us of important deadlines. Within weeks of starting Fran began scheduling our weekly events into a calendar for us all to access.

Fran became the project manager for our Sticker Sending Spree and led the team to victory. Along with an envelope of our amazing stickers, Fran adds a personal touch by handwriting postcards to each individual.

Fran’s unique messages have invoked lots of positive feedback on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from recipients.

We’re really lucky to have Fran as a part of our work family — she brings energy to our office, has a positive attitude and is always up for some fun.

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For any sticker or business enquiries you can reach out to her at

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