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Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 3: Museum Logo
Project 2: Olympic Bid Logo
Project 1: We Stand Together
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Brand Guidelines for Restaurant

First Design For Brand Guidelines Poster


Identity Systems for Museum Logo

Folder Re Design Front and the Back is the same pattern minus the pentagram
folder opened
folder opened
Letter Head Revised Front
Letter Head Revised Back
Envelope Revised Front
envelope revised Back
Buisness Card Revised Front
Business Card Back
Collateral Magnet Displayed on my fridge


Crit: for the envelope reverse the colors on the front take out the bottom letters and the small logo on the front, on the back have a straight fold put the museum of death on the flap and have the back also white. For the cards fix the vertical type and make it horizontal ,mess around adding marble into the skull, fix the font for readablitity. folder put the logo thats on the back on the front and make it fit inside an O so make the font size bigger and make the text more jagged. instead of free admissions for collateral im going to make it a sticker to showed that you paid and make it a rounded one with type. on th front of letter head make logo and type smaller on the top, change colors of the skull try ussing marble for that , dont have stuff centered because nohting else is centered make the back the pentagram and have it smaller.

Designs for envelopes, business cards, folder, collateral, letter head


Final Design Black and White
Final Design Color


10 redesigns of the logo digital.

Crit: the second design on the first page was choosen. make the type of the font look like noodles of pastas and try to continue it on to the face in the logo.

Crit: MAke the logo more simple, make the nose and the mustace more noticeable. Change the font because it looks more like a sit done place then a fast food place. avoid visual replacements.

First set of Ideas for the logo

Thumbnails for restauant


Restaurant Logo


What additional tweaking/editing/revisions you could apply to your Olympic logo to elevate craft and/or communication of the intended concept/message? How can you avoid revisions/additions that may unintentionally become decoration, a passé trend, or compromise readability?

What I can do to my logo to tweak or add revision to is deffinitatly some of the type and colors. On the bottom of my olympic logo i have text that is rounded I would like to go back in and make that more crisp. The colors I would like to take more time and come up with more cleaver skeems and such. I didnt notice until i printed some of my logos that I need to make my rings more crisp and not pixalated so ill also go back into that as well. I feel like my concept is getting across.

Project 3: Museum Logo


Final Re-design of logo

First Final
Black and white first final


3 redesigns


20 new thumbnail designs

For these new designs I wanted to do more things trying to relat ethe logo to the place it is located which is in Hollywood. In some of these designs I invloved a Camera,bulb light fonts ideas,stars as well as the hollywood star of fame, hollywood sign , masks that symbolize the acting culture. Also I tried to look for other Ideas that just involve death in general. I will continue to look for more ideas in my reasearch of the topic.


Museum of Death Logo:

50 Thumbnails:Stand together


History about the Museum

Theres not too much history on the Museum but this is what I could find. Stilllooking for more.


Project 2: Olympic Logo Bid






For my crit I was suggested to round out the points of my rings as well as taking out the bottom bar. I was also told that I really didnt need the candiate city in the logo. Also I was told to try moving the year around and try that in different ways.ALSO I was told to redo my rings to make them more crisp and readable for when I printed them.

This was the color trial that the class had picked for me to run with as my color scheme.


Black and white and 20 color trials


revised designs.


Olympic Logo:

Orlando FL

Quick thoughts that came to me:

Disney world


everglade state

Sunshine state

Central florida




palm trees







New Ideas:


First day of class we were taught how to set up a Medium account, and how to navigate through it.


Project 1: We Stand Together

Theme: Peace

Antonyms: Disagreement,Hate/Hatred,Distress,Fighting,War,Upset,Worry,Noise,Distress,Conflict.

Synonyms: Love,Friendship,Unity,Treaty,Pacifism,Union,Order,Tranquility,Calm,Quiet.

Idioms:Peace offering,At peace,Be at peace with the world,If you want peace prepare for war, Love in peace,Pece of mind,Make peace,Peace please.

Quotes: “Peace cannot be kept by force,it can only be achieved by understanding.” — Albert Einstein

“Peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa

“Peace is always beautiful.” — Walt Whitman

“We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” — John Lennon

“Imagine all the people living life in peace.” — John Lennon

“To enjoy good health,to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all,one must first disciplne and control ones own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” — Buddha

(6 Type logos,6 Image,6 Image and type. 18 total)


Peace Thumbnail Drawings.
Peace Thumbnail Drawings.
Hand Drawn quote of logo.

6 [Draft 1 ]-Type Logos For Peace

Type Logos

6 [ Draft 1]- Image Logos for Peace

Image Logos

6 [Draft 1]-Image & Type Logos for Peace

Image & Type Logos


Crit: Peace Logos

Type Logos- crowded designs, less type on writing image, bleed the world peace logo off the page.

Image Logos-Too horizontal on dove image

Image & Type- Smile crop, yellow peace make half the page.

Not War make smaller, enlarge world peace

Move foreward with orange peace and hands logo and start to overlap and connect the hands into the peace sign and then add type to image.

  • Maybe make peace sign into words that involve peace.
  • “United We Stand.” as a possible type for image combination.
Re-Work Draft, make peace sign using guns and bullets and possibly combine war not peace into the back ground and turn opacity down and make the peace sign a bright red.


The starting process of combining the gun into the peace logo while trying to still in corporate the hands of peace.
Drawn logo of combining it all, gives it more of an abstract feel. not sure if message is getting across.

Final designs

new design work for the project reworked all three ideas from orginals.
Poster size of my final dessign of combinding type with logo. enlarged it to get a better look and feel.

Write a reaction in your process by answering the following questions:
1. Reflect on a time when you copied an idea — what did you learn from that experience? Would you do it again? Was there a way to solve the problem without copying? 
2. Were you ever the one that was stolen or ‘copied’ from? What was your reaction to that? How did you deal with it? 
3. Is anything original anymore?


  1. I remember when I first start to do graphic design and I found myself not knowing what to do or how to even approach an idea. While doing a project I was looking up a few designers and come to love some of there work. I found myself starting to design more like a Milton Glaseror something, I liked some ideas in his work and thought hey ID try soem of those ideas. I never copied a full idea from him but I would use different astedicts from his designs in my own work. In a way I was using this work at either a appropriation or as a Pastiche , were I was taking few parts of his work and combineding it with mine but still using my own ideas mixed with encouragement from his work. My work would be re worked into a different design or meaning.
  2. I dont believe that I have ever been copied, but if I was I would probably be honored that someone liked my idea but also id be very angery because you have to giv ecredit where it is due. Plus you wouldnt want someone making money off your ideas.
  3. Id say some people can design orginal ideas still, it just takes more work and research, and things start to become more abstract I feel because no one wants to copy someone else for the most part. It is frustrating to come up with something and have it be done already.

Crit on which design I like the most

The design that I like the most out of mine would have to be my third one which combines text with image. I feel that it is a strong piece because of how I combined a gun into a peace logo while connecting it to the shaking hands. I used the red,black, and white to make it pop. I feel like the back ground might be too busy, but im not actually sure even though there is some pretty cool negative space going on in the piece. Once I have a group crit I feel like ill have a better understadning.


Final Design for We Stand Together (Peace)
Final draft turned in

For the final design of this logo I decided to take the gun and peace symbol combination out. I took it out due to its contradicting meaning. I had other people look at the design and they thought that if i was to take the peace and gun logo out that they could see it as a sticker promoting the meaning. After looking at it I think i myself could see it as a sticker in the future.


1. What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article?
2. In your own words, describe what responsive design is. What are the pros and cons of applying responsive design to an identity system?
3. The new Whitney identity has been criticized as boring and duplicitous due its simplistic, open-ended design. Do you agree or disagree — why? Are boring and simple one in the same?


  1. My initial reaction to the Whitney identify system was a surprising one. I was honestly surprised one how simplistic their logos and processes have been over the years. Each of the logos takes only a slight twist in changing the logo. In a way I kind of like how every designer builds off of past and current logos to come up with new ideas. Its just shocking how a museum can have such a huge identity because of something so simple.
  2. Responsive design is a developed idea or design that respose to a users, its very flexible in its layout and images. It gets a reaction out of the viewer. Pros of appyling this to an identiy system is that you would be able to come up with more diverse ideas instead of having just the same thing over and over. Cons id say that you may lose your identity of the design in which it is known for. Maybe lose the past of the designs and would have something new that someone would have to reconnect to the design. For example you take the design of whitneys W logo and take that away and make something completely different then where does the identity connection go.
  3. I think the Idea is very simple,but I think it works. It kind of gives it a modern retro kind of feel because of the thin line work and design. I dont know if other places would be able to pull it off, for some reason I think it works well for a museum because they are usually striaght forward and simplistic themselves.

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