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At Cosmic Champs’ headquarters, we’ve been hard at work adding more functionality to the beta game. We’ve just pushed out a new version which includes several exciting new features and updates that are described in this blog post.

New Battle Arena

Our new battle arena

We’ve added a brand-new battle arena to the game! The arena is set in an ancient rainforest with running water. The paths are slightly different from the original arena so new strategies might be available.

Each battle arena represents a different planet. The Cosmic DAO has just launched a competition to name this new planet. Put your creative hats on and submit your ideas for an epic name for this newborn planet.

In the future, we will be selling these planets as NFTs and planet owners will share in the loot earned by players. To secure your planet whitelist spot you need to qualify for our COSG Holder tiers. Read all about the tiers and rewards here.

Fireball Spell

Fireball spell now in game

Another new addition to the beta is the fireball spell! This means you can unleash a ball of fire to rain devastation onto any part of the arena. It’s a spell so a single card delivers a single fireball that damages all units (ground or air) within the area of effect. If used wisely, it can be a very cheap and effective method of neutralizing an opponent's attack. It can also be used to deal damage to your opponent’s base. Check out the stats for the fireball and how it compares to other cards in our new card viewer: Check out the blog post about the card viewer here.

All Hammer NFT Skins Available in the Beta

All Hammer NFT skins :)

We’ve just finished adding all the Hammer NFT skins to the game so all our holders can now play with their favorite NFTs. The full set of NFT skins are also playable for Cybi and Coyote. We’ll keep hammering away until all the Champ NFT skins are added to the game.

Fancy a Hammer NFT? Check out our collection and what’s available on the secondary market here:

New Bots

Battle the Prize bot and win rewards!

Our original PVE bot is perfect for new players but if you’re an experienced Champ then it won’t be much of a challenge for you. That’s why we’ve introduced an advanced PVE bot for players with a rating of over 1300. The advanced bot has a full deck of legendary NFTs so it has the maximum stats boost available in the game. This bot will put up a much tougher fight than our original one! Don’t worry if you don’t own any NFTs, superior strategy will usually prevail. You’ll be automatically matched with a PVE bot if we are unable to match you with another human player. Be patient. The search for a human player times out in under a minute.

We’ve also introduced a Prize bot that will deliver token rewards to any player who beats it. Be warned, the prize bot fights dirty and doesn’t like to lose — all its units have a stats boost of 20%! To be eligible to battle the Prize bot you need a rating of at least 1300. A player will be randomly paired with the prize bot every X number of games (globally) so the more games played the greater the chances of meeting the prize bot.

We’ll have an allocation of 1000 ALGOs for the Prize bot during the test period (until the end of the month). Everyone who beats the bot will be airdropped a share of the allocation early next month. 50% will be paid in COSG and 50% paid in ALGO. All you need to do is ensure you have opted into COSG (ASA 1065092715) at the time of distribution or you’ll forfeit any earned rewards.

For now, this is an experimental feature. We need to fully test it and gather community feedback before committing to its permanence. Either way, rewards will be present in the game in some form.

Come battle us in the beta now. The game is available on iOs, Android, and web browsers.

Wondering what’s next?

Come see for yourself by joining our Discord server. Check out our sneak peeks channel for first glimpses of new characters and features. Join in the conversation with our community in the general channel. Or help us plot our course to success by giving us juicy tips in the suggestions channel.


Cosmic Champs is a play and earn, tower rush, real-time strategy game developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. It aims to remove many of the existing barriers to entry for typical P2E games. This means it’s mobile-first and no wallet, tokens, or NFTs are required to play when we officially launch. These innovations position Cosmic Champs as the benchmark for crypto games in GameFi. The game will be accessible via Android and iOS devices or via a web browser. Cosmic Champs NFTs are the gold standard in 3D game-ready NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. Cosmic Champs graduated from the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator Program in 2021 and conducted an over-subscribed private sale led by Borderless Capital.

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Cosmic Champs
Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is building the first 3d P2E NFT mobile game on the Algorand blockchain.