Cosmos Hub Mainnet Launch — Dock Your Spaceships at Cosmostation, Cosmonauts!

David Park
Mar 22, 2019 · 6 min read

We are now open for delegation. Here’s what you need to know about Cosmostation before you begin staking with us. FUEL UP on ATOM at Cosmostation!

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Cosmostation, Validator & Ecosystem Provider for Cosmos

The long-awaited Cosmos Hub Mainnet is now live, and our validator node is up and running! You can monitor network conditions at Mintscan, a Cosmos block explorer provided by Cosmostation.

Mintscan (is) for exchanges and everyday users to conveniently view transaction receipts, navigate through individual addresses, monitor network conditions, and browse validator lists.

Cosmostation’s Validator Address

We’ve released the first decentralized mobile wallet for the Cosmos Hub a few weeks ago. The application currently supports transactions on the Cosmos Hub Mainnet.

You can easily send tokens, delegate your atoms, undelegate from a validator, and claim rewards in the palm of your hand using your mobile phone. Cosmostation Wallet supports local signing & HD wallets, allowing you to make transactions offline without exposing your mnemonics to entities other than yourself.

Begin secure & easy transactions with Cosmostation now!

Moniker: Cosmostation
Address: cosmos1clpqr4nrk4khgkxj78fcwwh6dl3uw4ep4tgu9q

We are more than a Cosmos Validator

Cosmostation is a Tendermint validator & ecosystem provider.

As one of the few chosen entities fortunate enough to be an essential part of this amazing journey, we believe that providing secure and convenient tools for the Cosmos ecosystem is just as important as operating a stable and secure validator node.

In the past weeks, we’ve introduced a Cosmos block explorer and a decentralized mobile wallet for Cosmos. Below are some of the products we have already released.

Mintscan (

Cosmos block explorer for exchanges & everyday users.

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Cosmostation ranked at #6 voting power, March 21 2019

Mintscan is specifically designed for everyday users and exchanges to easily navigate through transactions and monitor network conditions. We are proud to announce that CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko both listed Mintscan as an official block explorer for the Cosmos Hub.

We are currently speaking with both CMC and CG to provide more detailed and valuable Cosmos-related data for users and enterprises with our APIs.

— UI/UX upgrades for the Dashboard
— Validator detail & account detail fix
— Public APIs
— Web toolkit for secure offline transactions

Cosmostation (mobile wallet for Cosmos)

Decentralized mobile wallet with local-signing and HD wallets.

Cosmostation Wallet is the first decentralized mobile wallet application for the Cosmos Hub. Refer to this blog post to read more about our wallet development and decision making process in providing this GUI.

We are working on a detailed blog post including a comprehensive explanation of how mnemonics work and how transactions are handled and signed before being broadcasted. Please stay tuned for our next couple blog posts.

With Cosmostation Wallet, you can currently delegate/undelegate/claim Rewards on the Cosmos Hub Mainnet! Withdrawal will also be supported immediately after send is enabled through governance.

Here is a VERY detailed guide on how to use Cosmostation on your mobile device to enjoy secure & easy transactions on the Cosmos Hub Mainnet:

Cosmostation has completed all wallet functions in Java, Swift, Javascript. We are planning to provide libraries for this to the Cosmos developer & validator community. We will begin by opening our wallet project on Github sometime after send is enabled on the Cosmos Hub. More on this in our coming blog posts.

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Secure & Easy Delegation with Cosmostation Wallet

Cosmostation is released as an Android-native application in the Google Play store now. iOS version is currently under development and will be released within 50 days.

In the meantime, check out our previous wallet projects Ringo and EOStart. Both follow the exact same principle with local signing and HD wallets enabled, available as open source:

Ringo — Crypto Finance

EOStart —Wallet for EOS

Our Validator Node

You’ve docked your spaceship at Cosmostation. It’s our duty to keep you as safe and protected as possible.

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FUEL UP on ATOM at Cosmostation, Cosmonauts!

Providing tools for the ecosystem is what we do to contribute to the expansion of the Cosmos universe — Validator node operation is, and will always be, our number one priority.

Multiple Sentry Nodes
• Impenetrable structure to prevent attacks on our validator node
• 24/7 monitoring of malicious traffic coming in and out of our nodes

Validator Node
• Validator node running in AWS cloud platform
• High availability & security
• Private network between our validator node and sentry nodes

Hardware Security Module
• Currently reviewing implementing HSM, a physical computing device that safeguards digital keys for strong authentication
• With HSM, validator private key is stored physically and is never programmatically exposed

Some exciting things ahead

Our long-term roadmap is to provide all tools necessary for Cosmos holders and community members to explore, experience, and navigate through the Cosmos universe.

Cosmostation is a Tendermint validator & ecosystem provider— not only do we help maintain a healthy and well-functioning network as a validator node, but we also build essential and user-friendly tools to bring Cosmos closer to the public and increase usability and accessibility.

We’ve already released a Cosmos block explorer and a mobile wallet, and below are more exciting updates coming.

  • Cosmostation Web Toolkit — Convenient web GUI for users to securely make transactions with their ledger (delegate, undelegate, claim rewards, manage wallets, vote, etc.)
  • Cosmostation Extension — Cosmos Hub extension for web authentication and transacitons.
  • Cosmos wallet Java, Swift, Javascript libraries — contribution to the Cosmos community & ecosystem to help easier development :)

If you’ve followed us for some time now, you know that we like to show and prove. Sit tight and enjoy these contributions we make to the Cosmos ecosystem :)

About Cosmostation

Welcome, Cosmonaut. FUEL UP on Atom at Cosmostation!

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Cosmostation is a Cosmos Validator based in Seoul, South Korea. We are a team of 10 developers, engineers, and dreamers united with one objective — to provide a universe full of useful tools and solutions for Tendermint-based projects.

Unlike most blockchains, which require you to use an opinionated scripting language or environment, Tendermint makes no assumptions about the application, giving developers the utmost freedom to express their business logic using the tools right for them.

We make no assumptions about the power and potential of Tendermint-based networks can bring to the blockchain ecosystem, and we are ready to stay on the grind to do everything we can to contribute to the community.

Cosmostation’s operation philosophy is geared by and for the community. You’ve put your trust on us, and so should we. Along with high security, development of projects within the Cosmos ecosystem, and our promise to delegators, Cosmostation will constantly update and research better ways to fairly reward and protect our delegators to expand the Cosmos universe.

FUEL UP your wallet at Cosmostation to explore the Cosmos network.

Please visit the links below to begin this journey with Cosmostation!

Official Website:
Mobile Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
Block Explorer:


a CØSMOS Spacestation

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