We’re Launching Some Cool Things for The Cosmos Hub Mainnet

Cosmostation launched a block explorer today. We are also launching a decentralized mobile wallet for the Cosmos Network near Mainnet launch.

ATOM listing on Coinone

The Cosmos Hub Mainnet is finally prepared for takeoff. After over 20 testnets and a much-anticipated & successful end to the Game of Stakes, we are now just 2 milestones behind Mainnet launch.


  • The Game of Stakes was the first adversarial testnet ever ran on a public PoS BFT network with ~200 participants.
  • A variety of issues were addressed and fixed by the Cosmos team along with contributions from Cosmos Validators and community members from all around the world.
  • The Cosmos Hub Mainnet is projected to launch within a couple weeks.
  • Cosmostation launched Mintscan, a Cosmos Block Explorer today.
  • We are launching an Android-native decentralized mobile wallet for the Cosmos Network near Mainnet launch.
  • Buckle Up! Cosmos Mainnet launch imminent. Cosmostation will be available for delegation at Mainnet launch.

Game of Stakes

During GoS, we encountered several chain halts and bugs along the way — It was a bumpy ride, but the road to Mainnet launch has now been paved. GoS has come to a successful end, and the objective of ‘testing the chain in its most extreme condition’ has been achieved.

The due diligence of the Validator community and the responsiveness of the Cosmos team made this possible. Below are some takeaways from GoS.

  • A total four chain halts, all of which have been addressed and fixed.
  • Some critical Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core bugs were fixed.
  • Cartels were formed, cartels were found, and cartels were thrown.
  • GoS v.6 was the last Game of Stakes chain, which ended on Feb 14th.

Cosmos Hub Mainnet Launch

Cosmos SDK is now feature complete and Mainnet launch is imminent. For validators, this means that we are now ready for node operation. For Atom holders, this means that you will be able to delegate Atoms to validators.

Check out this guide for future delegators: https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/blob/develop/docs/gaia/delegator-guide-cli.md#delegator-guide-cli

There are two milestones left before Mainnet Launch.

  • Collecting Genesis Transacitons — Allocation of Atoms at genesis including fundraiser participants, contributors, GoS winners.
  • Mainnet Hub Launch — Once a genesis file is adopted and more than 2/3 of voting power comes online, the Cosmos Mainnet will launch.

As we inch closer to Mainnet launch, the Cosmos community is expanding and becoming more active day by day. The long-awaited Mainnet is here, and we are all here to witness the beginning

What we’re launching for the Cosmos Network

As one of the few Validators for the Cosmos Network, we believe that it is our duty to not only operate and maintain a secure validator infrastructure for the stability of the network, but also provide essential tools for Cosmonauts to explore the Cosmos universe.

Mintscan — Cosmos Block Explorer for Exchanges & Everyday Users

Thanks to the fast implementation of new testnet versions by some of the community-run explorers(Hubble, Stargazer, Big Dipper, etc.), we were able to conveniently browse through network conditions during GoS.

As most of these explorers were ran by community members initially for the purpose of monitoring testnets, we found that they are mostly suitable for Validators and less suitable for those who do not have a thorough understanding of the Cosmos Network.

We designed Mintscan for exchanges and everyday users to conveniently view transaction receipts, navigate through individual addresses, monitor network conditions, and browse validator lists.


Mintscan is currently running on Gaia-12001.

Cosmostation Wallet — Decentralized Mobile Wallet for Cosmos

Wallet development is one of our strongest suits. In the past, we have developed a decentralized web wallet, EOStart(decentralized EOS mobile wallet), and Ringo Wallet(decentralized multi-currency mobile wallet) both on Anroid and iOS. (Github: https://github.com/wannabit-dev/ringo-wallet & https://github.com/wannabit-dev/eostart)

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is a fully decentralized mobile wallet for Cosmos we are bringing live near Cosmos Hub Mainnet launch. It’s going to be Android native, and it’s going to packed with all the features you want as an Atom holder. Below are some of its key features:

Local Signing (Decentralized)
Completely decentralized Cosmos Mobile Wallet in the palm of your hand. With local signing, your mnemonics or private key never leave your device. All transactions are signed locally on your mobile device and never passed to or stored in our servers.

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HD Wallet)
Easily generate multiple wallets from a single seed phrase.

Obeserver Mode
Import a wallet without entering its mnemonics to simply watch the address.

Withdraw and deposit Atoms and Tendermint-based cryptocurrencies.

Delegation to Validators
Browse through validator list with detailed information to delegate your Atoms and start earning staking rewards.

Claiming Rewards
Claim all your staking rewards instantly with just one click. That’s right — Staking rewards from all of the validators you delegated to, with just one click.

Voting on Proposals
Vote on governance proposals

Manage other Tendermint-based cryptocurrencies with just one wallet. Other hubs and zones will be added sequentially after Cosmos Hub Mainnet launch.

About Cosmostation

Welcome, Cosmonaut. FUEL UP on Atom at Cosmostation!

Cosmostation is a Cosmos Validator based in Seoul, South Korea. We are a team of 10 developers, engineers, and dreamers united with one objective — to provide a universe full of useful tools and solutions for Tendermint-based projects.

Unlike most blockchains, which require you to use an opinionated scripting language or environment, Tendermint makes no assumptions about the application, giving developers the utmost freedom to express their business logic using the tools right for them.

We make no assumptions about the power and potential of Tendermint-based networks can bring to the blockchain ecosystem, and we are ready to stay on the grind to do everything we can to contribute to the community.

Cosmostation’s operation philosophy is geared by and for the community. You’ve put your trust on us, and so should we. Along with high security, development of projects within the Cosmos ecosystem, and our promise to delegators, Cosmostation will constantly update and research better ways to fairly reward and protect our delegators to expand the Cosmos universe.

FUEL UP your wallet at Cosmostation to explore the Cosmos network.

Please visit the links below to begin this journey with Cosmostation!

Official website: www.cosmostation.io
Medium: https://medium.com/cosmostation/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CosmostationVD
Telegram: https://t.me/cosmostation
Telegram KR: https://t.me/cosmostationkr
Kakaotalk: https://open.kakao.com/o/g6KKSe5