What You Need to Know About Cosmos (ATOM) Redelegation

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Explanation of how redelegation of your ATOM from a validator to another validator works with Cosmostation Wallet for Cosmos(ATOM).

Cosmostation Android wallet for Cosmos(ATOM) has been updated to include “redelegation” and “change claim reward address” features. You now can easily re-allocate your stake from one validator to another without having to wait 21 days to unbond.

Cosmostation iOS & Web wallets for Cosmos(ATOM) will also be updated to include redelegation & change claim reward address in our coming updates.

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There are several scenarios you should get familiar with before you begin redelegating your ATOM. Since there aren’t any proper documentation on what the specific rules there are for redelegation, we’ve prepared this blog post for you.

21 Day Cooldown

Remember this recurring number.

When a user requests undelegation from a validator, the amount of ATOM that was requested for undelegation will be locked in unbonding state for 21 days. For simplicity, we call this the 21 day cooldown.

After the 21 day cooldown passes, a user will be able to make transactions with the ATOM that was previously in unbonding state.

This cooldown also applies to certain scenarios in redelegation.

In order to redelegate a portion of delegated ATOM from Validator A → Validator B, there are two options a user could choose from.

Option #1

Undelegate from Validator A and wait for the 21 day unbonding period (cooldown) to pass. Then, delegate the ATOM to Validator B.

  • Taking this path may seem un-wise because you’ll have to wait 21 days to delegate that stake to another validator — why do this when there is a redelegation feature?

Option #2

Use the redelegation feature to immediately redelegate the ATOM from Validator A → Validator B.

  • This redelegation feature seems wonderful. You no longer have to wait 21 days to unbond and then delegate that stake to another validator. Too good to be true? Yes. But there’s a catch.

Remember the following rules when using the “redelegation” feature.

The 7 Stacks Rule

Redelegating from Validator A → Validator B using the same wallet.

Let’s say you want to redelegate your ATOM from Validator A → Validator B using Wallet #1. With the same wallet address, you are only able to redelegate from Validator A → Validator B up to 7 times in a 21 day period.

Here is a simpler explanation.

You’re playing a RPG game and your character can cast the redelegation spell up to 7 times in a row. When you reach the 7 stack count limit, you have to wait until the cooldown time of the first redelegation spell you casted passes.

Cooldown time refers to the minimum length of time that the player needs to wait after using spells. Each redelegation spell has a cooldown time of 21 days.

Once you’ve casted the redelegation spell up to 7 stacks, you’ll have to wait until the first spell you casted cools down to be able to cast again!

The 7 stacks rule applies in scenarios where you:

  • Redelegate from Validator A → Validator B using the SAME wallet.
  • Undelegate from Validator A using the SAME wallet

Serial Redelegation (Validator Hopping)

Redelegating from Validator A → Validator B, then redelegating from Validator B → Validator C consecutively.

Serial redelegation is a rule that most delegators would be baffled by when they first try redelegating without looking into the rules. Here’s why.

  • Redelegating from Validator A → Validator B, then consecutively redelegating from Validator B → Validator C does not work.
  • The 21 day cooldown applies to serial redelegation.

Once you redelegate from Validator A → Validator B, you will not be able to redelegate from Validator B to another validator for the next 21 days.

In other words, the validator on the receiving end of redelegation will be on a 21-day redelegation lock (You will still be able to undelegate from or make some additional delegations to this validator. You just won’t be able to redelegate from the validator.).

You can’t consecutively do validator-hopping!

For a better understanding, below are possible redelegation scenarios.

You currently have some 10 ATOM delegated to Cosmostation.

  • You can redelegate to Polychain Labs up to 7 times (With 1 ATOM redelegated in each transaction).
  • You cannot redelegate to Polychain Labs the 8th time.
  • You can redelegate from Cosmostation → Polychain Labs again after 21 days has passed since the first redelegation transaction.
  • You can still redelegate from Cosmostation to a different validator.

The above rules apply to undelegation as well.

You currently have 10 ATOM delegated to Cosmostation.

  • You have redelegated 10 ATOM to Polychain Labs.
  • For the next 21 days, you cannot redelegate from Polychain Labs → Forbole (or any other validators).
  • You can still make delegation / undelegation / claim rewards transactions with Polychain Labs.
  • Even if you undelegate the 10 ATOM redelegated to Polychain Labs and then directly delegate 100 ATOM to Polychain Labs straight from your available balance, you will not be able to redelegate from Polychain Labs to another validator for 21 days.
  • If you redelegate from Forbole (or any other validator) to Polychain Labs after 20 days has passed since your redelegation from Cosmostation → Polychain Labs, your 21 day count will be reset and you won’t be able to redelegate from Polychain Labs for another 21 days.
  • In summary, the validator on the receiving end of redelegation will be on a 21 day redelegation lock from the moment the redelegation is received.

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