The COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign!

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4 min readMar 18, 2024


The moment has arrived! We’re thrilled to announce the COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign!

Starting on March 25th, 2024, this incredible community rewards initiative will distribute up to 40M COTI V2 tokens (currently worth ~$8M) amongst Native and ERC-20 $COTI holders! This is in addition to the APY rewards already being earned in the COTI Treasury.


  • When: The COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign will start on March 25th, 2024. You can join any time! Distribution of COTI V2 tokens will commence shortly after the COTI V2 TGE (Token Generation Event), planned for Q4 this year.
  • What: All Treasury participants are automatically eligible to receive part of 40M $COTI V2 tokens, on top of their regular APY rewards. It’s our biggest giveaway yet!
  • Who: Open to $COTI holders, both Native and ERC-20. Plus, our loyal users who’ve made deposits prior to Feb 28th, 2024 get a special bonus, adding extra days to their reward calculations — as a token of our appreciation for their early support.
  • How: Simply by having a deposit in the Treasury, whether it’s been there a while or it’s brand new.


In the biggest upgrade of our infrastructure to date, we are building the fastest and lightest confidentiality layer on Ethereum. Powered by a breakthrough cryptographic protocol based on Garbled Circuits and secured by Ethereum, we introduce the most advanced and compliant solution for data protection on the public blockchain. Paving the way for the next wave of Web3 innovation and adoption, COTI unlocks a whole new world of use cases, including confidential transactions, Artificial Intelligence, DeFi, decentralized identification, and more.

The $COTI token has an essential role for transaction fuel, network security, and access to privacy features.

The COTI Treasury

In 2022, we launched the COTI Treasury, a way for anyone to deposit $COTI and earn APY rewards in $COTI, and recently also in $gCOTI. At the moment, over 500M $COTI has already been deposited into the Treasury. By choosing the amount of $COTI to deposit, a multiplier, a lock period, and APY boost, users can customize their potential APY. Read more here.

We’re happy to offer new locking options based on your request: longer lock periods of 180, 270, and 360 days for even bigger rewards, starting from March 25th.

This campaign also marks the very first time that $COTI ERC-20 token holders, without VIPER wallets, can participate in the Treasury without KYC, and receive APY rewards in $COTI for their Treasury deposits!

The COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign!

Starting March 25th, all Treasury users will be automatically eligible to receive a share of 40M $COTI V2 tokens, on top of their deposits’ APY rewards.

Airdrop rewards will be determined by a combination of your current APY and deposit conditions such as your multiplier and locking period plus your time and activity in the Treasury.

If you don’t have a deposit yet, just go to, log in with your VIPER or Metamask Wallet, and make your deposit with your preferred locking time and multiplier (MetaMask deposits will be available starting March 25th).

If you already have an active deposit, no extra steps are needed to join in but you can choose whether or not to take additional actions, such as extending your locking period.

As a token of appreciation for our loyal users, any deposits made prior to Feb 28th, 2024 will also be eligible for a “head-start” bonus. This bonus adds additional days of eligibility to the rewards calculation for Treasury deposits. This bonus also extends to those who participated in previous Treasury programs like the gCOTI lock-drop campaign.

The COTI V2 tokens distribution kicks off post-COTI V2 TGE (Token Generation Event), aiming for Q4 this year, and will stretch over 12 months. This will align with our COTI V2 migration and token swap, with more details to come.

Dive into the full campaign details and reward formula on this blog:

This campaign is a key chapter in COTI’s journey, distributing a significant amount of the newly issued COTI V2 tokens as a thank-you to our community. It’s all about making sure our transition is smooth and keeping $COTI at the heart of our growing ecosystem. We’re thrilled for what’s ahead and grateful for the ongoing support from both new and long-standing community members as we explore new Web3 horizons

Stay COTI!

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COTI is the fastest and lightest confidentiality layer on Ethereum.