Craft Network — Alpha testing instructions!

Craft Network
Apr 5 · 5 min read

Preparation (Skip if you have a wallet with testnet $ICX)

Download ICONex

Create a wallet and follow the instructions.

Switch to Testnet

ICX Testnet Faucet (Yeouido)
Get testnet $ICX here:

Switch to Yeouido network, you’re now ready to experience Craft!

Sign up

At the top right of the screen you should see a Connect Wallet button,

click on it, choose ICONex, and pick the wallet that you created in the preparation step. That’s it, your account is ready!


After logging in from the previous step, you should see a Craft button, click on it to create your collectibles (ie. minting your NFTs).

Fill in the required information, and if you wish to list the item for sale in the marketplace, toggle the List for Sale option.

Enter your listing price

You can also expand Advanced Options at the bottom,

By default, we create your collectibles under Craft Collection, think of this as an uncategorized collection, anything goes. Alternatively, you can create your own collection by clicking the Create New Collection button (temporarily disabled in the demo).

Royalties — As creators of the Craft network, you can earn a percentage of royalty fee from secondary sales. For example, Bob creates an NFT art piece and sells it for 100 ICX with royalties set at 10%. Alice purchases the piece and later resells it for 300 ICX in the market. Bob will get 30 ICX (10% of 300 ICX) as his royalty fee upon its sale.

Custom Properties — This is optional metadata about the item that you want to include, eg. size, format, size etc.

At any given time, you can also look to the right for a preview of the final product.

After everything looks good to go, click Craft at the bottom, this will prompt you to complete 3 steps to finalize the creation.

Step 1. Upload File — Your file will be uploaded and stored on a decentralized cloud (IPFS).

Step 2. Create Collectible — This step will mint the NFT token on the ICON blockchain, you will need to sign the transaction and pay for the transaction fee (very tiny amount).

Step 3. Add to Craft DB — This step will include your collectible in the Craft database.

Congratulations, you have created your first NFT on the ICON network!


Upon completion of creating your NFT, there’s a link to get to your profile page. You can also access the link at any time at the top right, by clicking your avatar.

On your profile page, you will see your collectibles, be it your creation or purchased from the marketplace.

You can also edit your profile information such as user name, avatar, social links and more on the settings page.

Want to show off your collection to friends and community? No problem! Just click on the 3-dotted settings button on the far right of your profile background, copy the profile URL and share as you wish!


Craft marketplace combines all listings in one central location. A variety of sorting features are provided to allow easy navigation, you can search for collectibles from your favorite creators, collections, or popular collectibles etc.


A quick preview of each collectible is displayed in a card format in the marketplace. Hover on the card to reveal its collection, creator, and current owners. You can also favorite the item and quick access later.

Clicking on the item to enter its detail page, in the page you’ll find detailed information such as number of total copies for the collectible, owners, transaction histories and more. You can choose to Buy now, which you pay the full asking price by the seller. You can also make an offer to negotiate (currently disabled in the demo), and the seller can decide to accept the bid or not.

Royalties are attached to each item by the creator, this can range from 0% up to 35%. Royalties are deducted from the sale price (ie. seller pays the royalty fee to the creator). A platform service fee of 2%, on top of sale price, is charged to the buyer upon purchase. If all look good, click Buy now to proceed (you will be prompted to sign the transaction within ICONex).

And voila! Congratulations, you are now the owner of this collectible!


During the crafting process, if you toggled the option “List for Sale”, your creation will automatically be listed in the marketplace. If the item was created without listing, you may visit your profile page, at the bottom of each card, you can access list/delist page

You can then set the number of copies and the price of each collectible you wish you sell.


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Craft Network

Craft Network — ICON powered NFT marketplace

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