Are You Nervous? | Write Here Week #5

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What makes you nervous?

Public speaking? The pandemic? Dating? Long car rides with your parents or children? Tell us what gets your palms sweating and how you overcome. Tag “Writehere.”

What do you need to take responsibility for?

The last few weeks we’ve been writing about who owes us an apology and problems that were someone else’s fault. But you know, sometimes, the blame is on us. What’s something you need to own up to? Or, is there something you’re proud of that you deserve some overdue credit for? This is your moment, share your truth and tag “Writehere.”

What do you recommend?

What book, movie, song, TV show, celebrity, food or app can you just not shut the fuck up about? Did you recently gain some important knowledge about life or love that you need to share? Write out your recommendations, tag “Writehere” and get the rest of us up to speed on what we’re missing.


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