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Since January, Creators Hub has been hosting weekly writing hours, in which we invite everyone to join us on a Zoom for an hour of quiet music, optional writing prompts, and creative camaraderie. After all, writing can be lonely, so it’s nice to write together in this way.

For today’s roundup, I wanted to shout out some of the writers who have been taking part in these writing hours. Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list; you can find more responses on the Write Here topic page.

Here’s what some writers created during our writing hour this week:

Spring Season 2022

My fond memory of the season is when the carnival came to our town in the spring. I waited anxiously for the rides, games, and food.

The carnival set up shop in a location within walking distance from my grandmother’s house.

My aunt, who is a couple of years older than I, was old enough that my grandma would let her take my siblings and me to the carnival. She was an even bigger kid than us. Going to the carnival with her meant spending our money foolishly on food, rides, and games.

If our grandmother had gone — she would stop us from spending every last dime on lighted toys and greasy food.

It seemed like no soon as the carnival left, it was time for Easter! —

Searching for Hope

As a child raised by parents who had escaped the bloody India/Pakistan Partition in 1947 without any material belongings but their families and souls intact. I had grown up to celebrate independence from the “colonialists” who had oppressed the Global South. As a teenager, my father was posted in Europe and Middle East representing our new country in various Western treaty organizations. As more countries got their independence in Africa and Asia, there was an air of hope in the developing world. Each new country, no matter how crudely its borders were drawn with no regard to history, languages, cultures, set out to achieve economic and social progress. It was a heady time: the model of American materialism was at its zenith and the promise of democracy and equity was seductive. And when the USSR disintegrated in 1989, it was the final zenith of that sense of freedom and liberation. China was going through its own metamorphosis and did not begin to focus on helping the developing world until much later; so, we just were happy not to have to deal with them. All eyes were to the West, leading the charge for a free and democratic world! —

The Way It Made Me Feel

I read a fanfic during lunch today which gripped me tight and had me holding my breath. It is written in the style of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity series. Characters are somewhat believable; end up being put in situations just bizarre enough to be plausible; and the antagonist is a truly vile, vicious, and venal human being. If wanting to dropkick someone through the goal post of life is a valid emotion, this character elicits that in me. —

We have one more writing hour scheduled. It will be on Thursday, March 31,1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET. Use this meeting link to join (the passcode is: Medium). And don’t fret, dear writers, we’re planning many more events to help you to create and succeed on Medium.



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