Writing Prompts: Taking Breaks

This week’s writing prompts are about how you take care of yourself

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We’ve been sharing weekly #WriteHere prompts for nearly a year, if you can believe that. And now we’re ready to shake things up a little. Starting in April, we’ll switch to a monthly format. Each month, we’ll share a post here on Creators Hub with a whole bunch of writing prompts. At the end of each month, we’ll publish a roundup of some of the stories inspired by the prompts.

Write to whichever one strikes your fancy, whenever you like. Tag your posts “Write Here” so that they show up on the Write Here topic page. And/or, share the link to your story in the responses of the original prompts post. We think this is a fun way to connect with other creators in the Write Here community. Be sure to read and respond to each other’s work too. I promise that a lot of what makes being a writer fun is connecting with other writers, and learning from — and appreciating — each other’s work.

Relaxation Station

What do you do when you need to relax? Do you take a long walk, a short nap, a week in Bali (hey, I don’t know your life)? Write it out like a prescription — or describe a time when you really needed your go-to relaxation method and it just didn’t work.

Burnout for Beginners

Have you ever felt burnt out? “Burnout” is a buzzword we see a lot, but it can feel different for everyone. What did burnout feel like to you? What caused it? How did you move through it? Alternately, what do you do to avoid burnout in the future?

The Best Break

Maybe you used to work in an office (or still do?), and loved running into your funniest co-worker by the coffee maker. Maybe there’s a Best Chair in the teacher’s lounge at your school. Do you work from home, and, when you get stir crazy, go for a walk past your crush’s house, or a beautiful garden, or the cutest coffee shop? Describe your perfect brief break, and what makes it so right.

As always, thank you for being here, and for writing with us.


Leave them in the responses and we will try to address them all. Don’t forget to check back here next month for new prompts and tips.

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